How Do I Know If I’m Doing It Right?

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, how do I know if I’m saying my affirmation correctly?

The answer is simple, do you feel it?

ImageIf you don’t then that affirmation isn’t working for you and may need a small adjustment somewhere along the line.  Affirmations re simple positive statements that are short in length and have no negativity attached to them.  So for example one of my favorite affirmations is ‘Everything I touch is a Success’ and I feel it, in my gut, sometimes I say my affirmations out loud, sometimes I say them to myself, I say them often and I feel it each time I say them.

My one piece of advise for people looking to change more than one area of their lives using the help of affirmations would be this, just pick one area to begin with, just one, the most important one and start there, this way you can fully concentrate on that area and whip it into shape fast.  Affirmations work well, they are free to use and are simple and easy.  I love the Louise L Hay Power Affirmation Cards, they were the first set I ever bought and I use them in my coaching sessions today, my clients love them just as much as I do.

ImageRule number one, make sure the affirmation you choose/create yourself is focused on the positive  if you want o loose weight you cannot use: ‘I am no longer fat’ simply because the word fat has negative vibes attached to it, instead use ‘I am a step closer to my goal weight’ or ‘I choose only healthy nourishing foods to eat’

Another very effective way to do your affirmations is in front of the mirror, now there’s a lot of people out there who say they disagree with this method, because its ‘too hard’ BULLSHIT is my response, you want results?  So get in front of that mirror and say your affirmations, no doubt the first few times you do it you will feel like a complete and utter fool, but so freaking what…. no one is in the with you, you’re not saying them at the top of your lungs (although you could if you wanted to, and you could even sing them in the shower) people who advise others against it clearly have a confidence problem, if you can’t look in the mirror and say hey you look hot today to yourself then we have bigger issues to deal with.

ImageYou HAVE to be able to love yourself before loving another, you have to, that’s the least you can do to yourself, be comfortable with who you are and what you want out of life, is the journey always hard, no absolutely not, its as hard as you make it, but the easiest way to build confidence in yourself is to stand in front of the mirror everyday and name three things you like about yourself, by the end of the week you will start to notice how you hold yourself, how you have a bit more confidence and how you like being who you are, and so you should you are freaking awesome.  NEVER EVER wait around for someone to compliment you, never hang of someone elses word, never second guess how awesome you are, loving yourself means loving all of you, every last detail and that’s what we all should be doing, men and women, boys and girls, we all need to build our own confidence, people who aren’t happy being single, you need to remember its OK to be alone sometimes if you are at peace with yourself you always will have a friend and you will always know peace because peace comes from within.

So that’s how you know if you are saying an affirmation right, trust your gut, make sure its wording is positive, and if it’s not working for you…change it…. if you are struggling then come on over to my page where I post daily affirmations and you can ask me any questions you might have…. here’s my page Pixie Willow – Coaching with Attitude

And remember affirmations are fun, feel the joy each time you say them and you will manifest things quickly and easily.