Hello everyone,

I am here and elsewhere looking learning living, making mistake and being human. Like everyone I have a sad story of life and learning. I am only beginning to realize what spitpirituality means. Once a few years ago I came so close to the very essence of nature it was almost unreal. I could sense what was going on, I could feel what I could not see, I could almost touch what was beyond the visual site as we know it. Lessons being shown through natural objects as acorns, flower, pollen and gentle breezes.

But as all things I lost that wonderful spiritual peaceful fulfillment. I felt I was about to step through an unseen door when life came charging through and knocked me back into a harsh reality. So many things happening and no time to continue looking and striving for the unseen.

A traumatic divorce, losing everything including once thought friends and drifting alone in a vast sea of misery left me closed. I think so many time about trying to return to that wonderful spiritual place but somehow I have link that place with the forbidden.

I wonder if all things happened because I was growing ever closer to something so wonderful and all knowing that other forces put a crashing halt to my journey. I hope one day to try and reach that level of awareness again. First I must over come that fear and try to let go of those horrible memories that shape us physically and remain mentally.

As the sun warms us and I sit with it upon my face, and close my eyes I know it is still there waiting. The light enters my being and enlightens my thoughts as it warms me, encourages me to move forward.  One day I am sure it will be, but for now I must be patient and wait as it does not feel the time to continue that jouney…. yet.

Keep smiling,