Moon And Sweetness

Sun instills life in every living being in this world, Sun is the beginning of the cycle of life. But should we overlook the importance of Moon which throughout the night paints the dark sky with its oceanic whiteness and fills the core of plump and fully grown fruits with sweetness? If Sun is the beginning, Moon is the end.

Similarly a person may tread the path of enlightenment but he will never be able to complete it till the time he doesn’t become one with the sweetening rays Moon. Fruit may appear to be good and may possess all the nutrients but no one likes to eat it till the time it doesn’t acquire sweetness. Therefore a pilgrim has to understand the lessons of both the Sun and the Moon.


Stages Of Awareness

 Why does an infant cry when his mother is out of his sight? It is because God drives out the idea of eternity of one’s soul from the mind of a new born. For him, if his mother is out of his sight it means that she does not exist anymore. With time he understands that his mother is there for him always and that she will come whenever he calls her. This example is a testimony to the fact that every person has to pass through different stages of awareness.

· The first stage is when we live in Present. The stage mentioned above is the first stage. It is the time when our mind is controlled by our senses. What ever is in the proximity to our senses in Present is real and thus it exists for us.
· As we grows up, the second stage sets in. In this stage we live in Past, Present and Future as well. We decide the results of our activities in Present from the experiences of Past and start dreaming for a Pink Future.
· The third stage comes when the tendencies of dwelling in Past or Future are much more than that of living in Present. This stage marks the end of childhood. Past cannot be changed and future cannot be predicted. Therefore this stage brings in misery, regret, anxiety and worries. Many people remain in this stage throughout their lives.

Enlightenment can break this cycle of awareness and impart us the power to transcend our senses, our experiences and our mind and reach an entirely new world of contentment. It can happen only if we believe in the existence of God in an abstract form. He has sent many angels in different parts of world who have worked as mirrors to reflect the light of true knowledge. A man whose mind is controlled by his senses always believes in the messenger more than God.. His myopic eye can see ‘the mirror’ more clearly than what ‘it reflects’ because mirror is near to him but and what it reflects is far away. He is still a newborn in the Abode Of God for whom God does not exist as it is out of his sight. Once he believes in what he can’t see, he can enter successive stages of self reflection, self improvement and finally ENLIGHTENMENT!!!


Know Thyself

Our mind has the power to explain our actions to ourselves in a way which is entirely different from reality. This is the reason behind the prevailing anxiety, confusion, misery and self hatred. To understand God one has to understand his own self. One should know the reason behind one’s tears as well as one’s laugh.

Sometimes our mind tries to explain our irrational and unethical actions with colorful reasons so as to conceal the thorny paleness inside us.We kill people on the name of patriotism. To shed the blood of fellow beings is a gruesome act and our conscience can never allow it. But this world has trained our minds to consider it a matter of great pride. People who try to expand their empires and to capture the territories of others are actually those who have already been dethroned from the world which exists inside them by the outside world. If we control the world inside us and do what our conscience says then we shall be able to control our wandering mind. So all you needs to do is to Know Thyself and leave rest to destiny!!


That Name

Don’t call me by that name,

It reminds me of my Dad,

Don’t let me feel lame,

I’m afraid of feeling sad.


I don’t know if it’s happy what I feel,

When I think of his love for me?

Is my smile a door or a veil,

To the hurricane inside trying to set free?


Why his memories make me smile in public,

And choke my throat when I am alone?

Why my wise words make me feel sick,

And sound pathetic when i groan?


Sometimes we feel that the world shall cease,

If the one we love departs.

And it hurts to see why the time doesn’t freeze ,

So we refrain to give a new start.


We curse our fate for being left alive,

To see this nightmare come true.

We pray to God to take our lives, 

To bid this world our final adieu.


Unwillingly but gradually everything starts again,

Silence replaces the never ending blame game.

And then one day I hear the long lost name,

Which ultimately sets free my neglected pain.




Sun And Shadow

Sun is the brightest source of light or knowledge. When the light of sun falls on a person, the darkness inside him is thrown out in the form of a shadow.

 In this way, a shadow is symbolic of our ‘doshas’ or imperfections.When sun or knowledge is  far from us, our shadow or imperfections are big. Where as at noon, when the sun is at the top and is nearest to us, our shadow is smallest. The more near we are to knowledge, the lesser imperfections we have.

These shadows or imperfections stay with us till the time our soul is trapped inside the mortal cage. It is only when we attain nirvana or salvation that our imperfections are dissolved into the elements of nature and we get rid of our shadows!!!



Osho said,” People take pleasure in talking about their misery!”
In this simple combination of words he has most magnificently trapped the deeply inherent psyche of a man. Misery according to me is addictive in nature. We love to ponder over it, share it with others, think about it even in the midst of blissful moments, know about its role in the lives of others and flaunt it to be the reason of  our success!
We don’t know what we Exactly Want?

The sole reason for this dilemma of what we actually WANT is lack of Faith. We should have faith on our conscience and on the One Who gave it to us. Misery is as powerful and important as happiness. We have come in this world to have a taste of both. The ultimate aim of our life is neither to escape the miseries nor to be the happiest person on this earth. It is rather to achieve the Ultimate Silence, the silence that comes with knowledge. 


Sleep: Transient And Perennial

John Donne in his HOLY SONNET remarks:
“One short sleep past, we wake eternally
And death shall be no more”

These words are actually epitome of optimism. While writing poetry, poets let their imagination transcend every wall of so called ‘rationality’ and in the process have a tete’ a tete’  with ENLIGHTENMENT.

Death distinguishes existence from non existence. Every day we experience a flash of it while sleeping. Sleep is always pleasant. Death too is. Every day we enter the world of dreams, lose ourselves in its intoxication and refrain from opening up our eyes to face the reality. Dreams are manifestations of our unconscious or dormant desires. Death is the gate to this undiscovered perfect world which has no exit.


Daylight And Night

“A devil is as powerful as an angel, both are equally knowledgeable. The only difference is that of the soul!”

I too believe that if daylight has the power to provide colors to this world and envelop it with life, night too has the capability to soak magic of spectrum and inject lethargy in every living creature.
Greatness is not defeating the lethargy of night but absorbing every ray of energy giving light right from the beginning till the end and respecting the powers of night by sleeping.
So, Don’t Sleep At 12, Wake Up At 4.