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This is a work of fantasy, it is a story that uses both poetry and prose to move the story, and the poetry is not in poetic form but rather is also in prose format. And as per the old Celtic bards it is meant to be read aloud, because it is in this way that the magic in the words and the stories can be found, and of course it is also of a strong metaphysical and spiritual nature, since I believe that this is the true energy of Merlin, neither male nor female, neither young nor old, but a dancer and poet in the madness of all time and space, and then yet not. It has the traditional names of the ancient Celts and their mythology, it is linked into the very land itself, the land of Logres, and this is a term used to describe ancient Celtic Great Britain. In example the song of the trees is taken from the Beth Luis Nion, the name of the Celtic runes and how they are connected to each of the trees. What follows is a sample from the song of the trees.
How many seedlings have I planted? How many dreams have been granted? And in how many ways have I been enchanted? Countless billions have I placed in earth to grow. Billions more do I have on show. Eternally amazed at the things I already know. How many trees have been created? How many fools in foolish ways are fated? And in how many students in silent ways are educated. Countless billions and billions have here been made. Countless fools in the eternity all will fade. Of all the students’ only one will make the grade. I will here consult a million trees. Each one will pass on its lore. I will here teach the sacredness. Of the arboreal world explore. How many gifts have I nurtured along the way? How many times in sweetest silence have I been gay. In how many teachings have I been taught to say? Countless gifts have been rendered and so made aware. Countless times have I sat in a sacred grove without a care? In countless ways my teachings are here and everywhere. How many secrets have been devised? How many truths barbarised. In how many students are truths a prized? Countless secrets have been told. Countless ways to turn the lead into gold, but of all the students, one I will allow into the fold. We will here consult the verdant earth. Each one will pass on its lore. We will here learn the sacredness. Use them as you would a door.
In the prophecies of merlin there is a rhyming energy, which makes it more intense and at the same time more readable. What follows is the opening piece in the prophecies of Merlin.
“Come children and gather once more around the sacred fire while dancing on the sacred shore, listen to the words that here will inspire and you a thousand worlds explore. See me in the Awen state, with all the muses there on call, knowing the passage of fate and the creativity to enthral. See me in the Awen mode, to hear the muses sweet, to know the mortal code, of a world not yet complete. Come children and gather once anew, as around the sacred flame, time and space both flew, listen to the words of the structure of the game and the meaning of each clue. See me in the Awen curse, the muses straining at my lips, in all the multiverse, I will call on the eternal ships. See me in the Awen bane, of the muses stoking the crystal glass, to know once again, of the journey that all fools must pass.”
But then it reaches another level in the song of Merlin and Vivian. What follows is the opening piece from Merlin and Vivian.
“How does the heart feel, how does the soul dance, my love will here reveal, and then that love is in its chance. And how for every call, of the great and the small, as a fool of a fool will advance. This tale will be told, of a journey brave and bold, and how in love is the secret we hold. How can I touch her, revel in her light, how can I hold her, when she is out of sight, knowing wrong and knowing right. How does the soul decide, how does the heart speak, my love and joy I cannot hide, nor my dreams I seek. How for every thought, a fleeting dream is caught, but love of love will leave me weak. This tale can be related, of how two souls are fated, to share heaven in the hearts created. How do I feel her, take simple delight in her being, how do I caress her, this Goddess in mortal form that I am seeing, knowing I am bound to journey in the freeing.”
I hope this helps in making you decide to buy and read the work, because it does hold some amazing magic if it is allowed to be what it is meant to be, as was stated at the beginning, when was the last time you danced with words and then let the words dance with you.