Sacred Original Poem by Kenneth Alexander Copyright 2013, 7/18/13

Sacred is a word to describe my way,

I am God, I am with you let’s share our day,

Share sacred space, sacred time, sacred worlds,

Each of us has the gift of God unfurled,

For sacred ways we walk … examples that we are,

Make God pleased and happy from here to a distant star,

For sacred practice is simple …you just have to be,

Allowing your bounty to unfold …as you give reverence to me,

I am in all things… so finding me is clear,

Make sacred your word not to harm someones ear,

for sacred thoughts, sacred actions,  sacred feelings are a joy,

Each day spent sacred is God’s blessing ….and not coy,

Sacred is as divine as you can be,

Saint’s be praised ,   you are sacred  … as are we.