This was a gift I received in 2011: My first poem


A Whisper Away




In the quiet stillness of today I need you to know I’m a whisper away. There are times when your life may seem rough; I’m allowing all of this to make you tough.


Allow me to teach you and don’t give up. This is only a temporary rut. Your life will get better once placed in my hands just run to me and I’ll tell you my plans.


You’re a special person, a treasure to me.They will open their eyes, trust me they will see.


In the quiet stillness of today you will learn I’m only a whisper away.


Let your hands do my work. I gave them to you to rid you of hurt. Write what I give you in a whisper I promise you soon you will have a great listener,


Sit in the quiet stillness of today. You’ve already made it; you now know I’m a whisper away.