Another Time Perhaps

Another Time, Perhaps

As time fades,,, your name dissolves …absent minded. I become..lost inside your eyes… Promises spoken , an unfulfilled lie endlessly, deeply fills within the chambers of my heart. random order dancing into unrealistic chaos..colors of life merging inside my soul..encouraging me to step forward regardless of my internal prompting …not to…musings of my internal little girl. Screaming to be heard..dancing, laughing ..gleefully attending to her needs….barefoot in the course green grass soaked with clean clear raindrops ..soaked to her skin…exposing the neckline with her collar bones glistening in the suns light.
Purity of love …unspoken syllables floating through time and all of eternity. Reaching the ears and listening gifts of unborn children awaiting to see their parents eyes for the very first time….comforting sounds of their voices soothing their huge souls encased inside of a little ones delicate yet strong physical bodies… Awaiting the miracle of incarnation ….. Michaela