‘I’ and the Creative Space

The human soul was born with a creative space to explore and experience the infinite world of introspection and the world outside.

The ego has forged and thrust its way through defining the I, but who is me, if the I is in transient while in the abyss of the vast universe; there is no definite I since we are in a death and rebirth cycle.

The fusion of the death and rebirth gives rise to the creative space for the I to be seen and heard, but our confusion with our inner and outer world can limit the presence of the soul’s full capacity.

The bondage of the false I limits ourselves to know our potential, the life force manifests the creative space.  If so, how can we ever know our creative space if we enslave ourselves to the self-fulfilling prophecies of the false I. 

A subconscious willingness to enter the alchemical process of death and rebirth, in which the false I surrenders itself to the shedding of the ‘old skin’ for the creative space to be awakened – our potential.