Whatever I Am

I Am the Fountain of Life

I Am Love Unconditional

I Am the Mirth of Children

Breezes on an Angel’s wing

I Am Sunshine cast on Shadows

I Am Refreshing Rain

I Am Wisdom without Knowledge

I Am Peace Eternal

I Am Silence

I Am Bliss

I Am Ageless

I Am Whole

I Am Empty

I Am Sweet Nirvana

I Am Nothing



Joyfully travelling

On a Road

to Nowhere


A Life In Spirit



As whispered words of guidance flow,
celestial choirs fill the summer air.
Tendrils of ancient wisdom caress
the parchments of my mind.

Sweeping strokes bring forth sweet joys,
releasing heartfelt sorrows,
As fiery sunsets slowly set they promise
A bright new fresh tomorrow.

This living, breathing canvas reveals..
the nature of my Soul
With wings of Love my Spirit soars
above this earthly realm.

On gossamer threads of precious Light
my consciousness travels.
And the material cloth on the loom of my life
gradually unravels.

Visions of times I’ve spent between lives
my beliefs, my dreams.
Where Angels sing bright songs of Light,
of Everlasting Life.

For in this place my heart is freed,
as I find Eternal Bliss
In a land where Love Is Everything..
And Love Is All There Is.



Copyright © 2011.  Maelona J. Knight.