Someone sees me


“For those that loved me, there were always conditions,
“For those that stole my identity, there were always renditions,
“For those echos in the past, I hail them, they didn’t steal my voice,
“For all those that raised their brows, it’s truly their choice,
“My soul is at rest, my heart is at peace,
“It took a long time to get there, and still no ease,
“She called out to me, I heard her soul cry,
“The sweet voice of my spirit guide,
“So as I am guided, I can learn to guide,
“I am at peace, with this life called a ride.”

“Bipolar Beautiful”


Love is patient

” I look at him, a man who has lost so much, I see his heart, I know his thoughts, and I try not to let his actions define him. He is a child, he is a man, although he is lost and has a disabled mind, he needs to be loved” 

I have been involved with a very special person, he suffers from a traumatic brain injury….It is a hidden and silent afflication, so many suffer, and not enough is done. Alcohol plays a huge role in allot of the lives of those that suffer, and now more than ever, there is an up-root of support groups, but still not enough knowledge about the complications involved. I see him suffer, and there seems to be no real help or successful outlets. 

Never, judge, and never point fingers until you see the whole being and understand their story.

His story started back in 1989 when he was on his motorcycle and hit by a van, then in 2009, his was hit by the light rail train, he has survived so many things, I only wish he could see what a treasure he is, and what he could do for others.


Bi Polar, Sometimes Beautiful, Sometimes NOT

Everyday becomes a journey; a potential threat, a joyous and productive venture, or a downward spiral which leads  into remaining in bed.  The mind is a fortress, it can co-habitate with so many thoughts and directions, colors, images, voices, they all have the ability to scramble together,  but I do have a moment of clarity  when I have a hot cup of coffee and sit outside, these two things can bring it all together so seamlessly it is unbelieveable. 

I struggle everyday, but I understand myself and my afflictions, they weigh heavy on my perception, but this can be a blessing because I am empathetic, real, and wear everything on my sleeve.

People don’t know how to handle approaching me, but I do, I don’t hide and I may not even speak, I do however offer a truth that can be profound to some people and scary to others, while providing a loyal warmth and love those close to me.

Those that know me, they know that they have my heart and my true and committed love,  others may have some fear, so they are nice long enough to get through the line, then I never see them again.  I however, live in every moment, love every second, and give what ever I can no matter what.

“To know yourself is a true beginning”