The Stuff We Are Made Of

Modern science has put together a computer animation program on the development of the universe and all of her parts.  Through this program one can shrink, or dehydrate all of Life as we know it, reducing it to the size of a green pea.  Rehydrating, or expanding it again, brings the universe and all life back into its original form.   Pretty amazing!

From this perspective then, it seems logical (and is indeed scientifically factual ), that  all of our manifest world, and the unmanifest is made from the same “stuff”.

Light, sound and electromagnetism are the building blocks of creation, and consciousness is the living force within these blocks.  But how do these building blocks translate into created form?

From these building blocks, the elements of life are created.  These are earth, wind, fire, water and ether.  Thanks to the Law of Gravity, each of these elements has a particular shape or form. Sacred Geometry goes into incredible detail of these shapes, and how one is created through an intricate relationship with another.  It is a fascinating and stimulating perspective on manifest form, the explanation of which I’ll leave to those who have studied form as a vocation.  I must say here, however, that I use Sacred Geometry in my energy healing and crystal work, as well as in my shamanic healings.  But to explain the mathematical relationship from one shape to another requires a mathematical language and expertise I do not possess.  I can suggest a great book, SACRED GEOMETRY- PHILOSOPHY AND PRACTICE, by Robert Lawlor.  I find this book to be a constant inspiration when I am compelled to go deeper into my understanding of form; I haven’t yet exhausted Lawlor’s wisdom.  I especially recommend it to the Lightworkers and Energy Healers who may be reading this.  It will give your work greater depth, understanding and efficacy.

From our perspective, let’s begin with the element of ether.  The form associated with this element is the dodecahedron.  It is a twelve-sided form, within which all other forms of the platonic solids can be found.  (There are five platonic solids, one associated with each of the five elements of life.  These five solids are contained in all form.  From my perspective ether, seemingly unformed, is the validation for the awareness that thought has form.)

With this awareness based on science and math, the foundation for Sacred Geometry, all life comes from the element of ether – the universe, the stars, the House of God.  It is the origin of consciousness; thought and emotion are the byproducts.  And it is thought, and the subsequent emotions or feelings from thought that creates everything we identify through our five senses, what we acknowledge as holding form.

The next element for the purpose of this writing is water.  In Sacred Geometry, it is in the form of the icosahedron.  Water represents the emotional body – past, present and future.  And its form is the inverse form of the dodecahedron.  “The projection of the internal radii of the icosahedron forms the edges of the dodecahedron; and the projected radii of the dodecahedron produces the edges  of the icosahedron.” (Lawlor).  One can understand here how thought and emotion create our world.

There are many ancient wisdom schools and indigenous creation stories that speak of the primordial seas being the foundation for the origins of life.  According to modern science, liquefied gases created a layer of water on the surface of Earth, creating the element of water.

But, the way it makes sense to me is to acknowledge the Divine as the dodecahedron.  The primordial seas, the element of water, are made manifest from the Divine in order for form – Humanity, Earth and all life –  to come into being.  With Light, God’s influence of LOVE on the primordial seas, man is given opportunity to manifest.  What man does with that light, and how he feels about what he does, gives substance to those original waters.

Let’s move on to the element of fire.  Fire is the light mentioned above and, in sacred geometry is represented by the form of a four-sided pyramid; it is called the tetrahedron. Fire, or light, is either creative or destructive; in and of itself it is neutral then, yes?  And requires intention and emotion for it to become charged.  For me, fire is often peaceful and calming.  Ever sit by a roaring fire and find yourself lost in thought, only to come out of that place and feel tranquil?  The equilateral triangle that creates the form of fire can also be seen in the original dodecahedron; it is in the center. Interesting, yes?  In the center of everything is the element of fire – the light and the love of God.

Now, let’s look at air, represented in Sacred Geometry in the form of the octahedron.  The octahedron is like looking at the shape of fire, but with a reflection of itself directly underneath itself.  Air is associated with consciousness which includes intuition and imagination, but also brings the higher mental dynamics into the form of reason and cognition.  These mental qualities separate us from our animal family and are the very reason Spirit gave us dominion over them.  We just, only too often, do not understand the definition of dominion.  “Care for” is not control and dominance over.

Air is also associated with sound, another building block of creation.  One cannot produce sound without air.

Finally, we have the element of earth, represented by the form of the cube, or square. If you were to take the square foundation of fire, where it meets its reflection, combining with that reflection becoming air, you would find the origin of the square or cube, the platonic solid which represents earth.  Again, I am not comfortable explaining how this all fits in with accepted, mathematical theory. I can tell you that each of these five solids, from which all form is created,  has equal edges and that every point is the same distance from the center; and that they all fit into each other and into the dodecahedron, the platonic solid for ether, or the universe.  But there are other relationships and geometric certainties inherent in each form as well, which are beyond my ability to explain.  Again, check out Lawlor’s book on the subject.  It is rich with theory and philosophy.  His theorizing can boggle my mind, but his philosophy is one I certainly understand and align with.

So, earth and all of her life forms, is the physical realization and manifestation of the Creator, God, and all of Its parts:  The Mind of God is breathed into form, creating the primordial seas; the primordial seas, with the Light (Love) of Source/God breathes its manifested life – the elementals.  Light and Sound ( and electro-magnetismwithin the Law of Gravity) create consciousness – reason, intuition, emotion and desire.

These elementals hold all of life, as well as each one’s unique aspect of true self, and the collective aspect of humanity’s true nature within them.  And they continue to hold each and all of us in spite of the fears and distortions we have created from them.

All we need to do is recognize our co-creating faculties through  and with God/Source, come to realize that the greatest emotionality for manifestation is Love, for that is the emotion of First Creation; and understand that I am you and you are me, thereby creating the life originally designed by the Heart and Mind of God.

The Love of God has breathed, the Mind of God has thought.  And so … We ARE.

May you live your life as God intended.

Peace, Joan.

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Birthing 2012

All things are birthed, from a new product to a new life. Even a new thought goes through a birthing process. And each birth requires the stages of conception/fertilization, gestation and delivery.

We all know the stages of birth for a new life: Sperm meets egg, fertilizing it; egg attaches to the uterine wall and is nourished through the placenta; ten moons, or nine months later, a new life is birthed.

For a new product, the conception stage (sperm meets egg) is recognizing or creating a need/desire in any purchasing population for the product; “growing/nurturing” the product through research and development until it is birthed – brought to the purchasing population.

A new thought’s birthing process is a little more abstract. Its conception is in the unconscious and fertilized when the thought first reaches the conscious. The gestational stage occurs by allowing that thought to change your perspective; and its birth is when that change in perspective somehow changes your life, and the way you live it.

The Earth, too, has been birthed – several times. And She is in another birthing process. Presently we are in the gestational stage of the anticipated birth date of December 21, 2012, known as the Ascension. Certainly those of you reading this recognize the importance of this particular stage of a birthing process.

According to the Mayan Long Count calendar, and substantiated by advancements in modern science, it seems the Earth has gone through several 26,000-year cycles of birth and death. The Mayans were an advanced, ancient civilization recognized for their mastery in mathematics and charting the Cosmology of Man from the beginnings of TIME up to December 21, 2012. Their timelines are so exact it was originally thought that the calendar’s end date of 12/21/12 meant the prediction of the end of the world and Mankind. There are some who still espouse that theory today.

But advances in technology and science, rediscovering ancient sacred texts and paying attention to the wisdom of the oral traditions of present day indigenous cultures have allowed the study of our Earth and Her peoples’ histories in greater depth. This has allowed us a more accurate understanding of our Earth and Her past, as well as Her potential future.

And so, it is now understood by many scientists as well as spiritualists that our Earth and Her people have gone through these 26,000-year birth/death cycles before. Each one has brought a different dynamic to civilization, but the Earth still lives – and so do Her people.

But what of this gestational stage our Earth is presently in? How do we help with the Earth’s birthing process? How do we assure a better Earth for future generations? After all, isn’t that what we want – for ourselves, for our children, for our children’s children?

The key is in the evolution of our consciousness.

According to Jose Arguelles, the late Mayan Calendar expert, and others like him, December 21, 2012, marks the birth of Earth and Humanity into the next 26,000-year cycle – the biosphere. It is the advent of Humanity moving from the previous cycle, the technosphere – where great advances in technology have been accomplished, into a time where these advances benefit all in respect and appreciation for the diversity of ALL Life. (The Judeo-Christian bible refers to this time as the 1,000 years of peace.).

From my point of view, shared by fellow metaphysicians, mystics, philosophers and others, this requires a change in consciousness – a change which brings the awareness that We are ALL One, and that what happens to One of Us affects ALL of Us. It requires the awareness that nothing happens in isolation. It requires the understanding that our Earth is one celestial body in a system, the universe, encompassing other celestial bodies, and that Her health and vitality affects that system – and each One of Us.

Modern science now recognizes what we mystics have known for eons – our consciousness affects everything we see, hear, feel, taste, touch and smell; in fact, our consciousness creates it all. Historical, scientific icons like Albert Einstein and Max Planck, men whose wisdom and perspectives on life changed our world, knew this.

A change in consciousness feeds the Earth sound nutrition and offers strong nurturing during Her gestational period. This offers the greatest potential for our new Earth, expected to be birthed on December 21, 2012, to be one of Peace and Prosperity for ALL of Us.

The willingness to understand one’s Self on a deeper level is all that is required for a change of consciousness to begin. This opens the opportunity to know one’s Self in a more intimate way, allowing the motives, fears and resistances hiding within the unconscious to come to the surface so that they can be reflected upon.

It begins a journey of conscious living – making decisions for Self and Family that are in accordance with creating the future rather then letting the unconscious choices and mechanisms create it for us.

We are ALL One. What We do, how We feel and think, how We behave is creating the world We live in, the world Our children will inherit.

 What kind of world do YOU want to leave behind?