My Name is Merlin.


I’m going to go ahead and tell you that what I’m going to share in this post may sound like a crazy,  made up tale.
But, I promise, it is not … I know it is true, because it happened to me.


Several years ago, a friend of mine shared that she was interested in animal communication. While I was intrigued by the subject, this was a HUGE opportunity for  my skepticism to come out. After all, other than things like “sit”  and “down, boy”, people can not communicate with animals. Right?

I had seen the TV show, The Pet Psychic, which showed Sonya Fitzpatrick, an animal communicator, telling pet owners what their beloved pet had to say. While I admit that I found it entertaining, I did not believe that it was anything other than a cleverly scripted show. After all, we can’t hear the thoughts of animals, right?MerlinA

Around this same time, I found myself being adopted by an adorable little siamese kitten. As a child, my family had several siamese cats; I still have a real soft spot in my heart for them to this day. So, when this little fluff ball appeared in my life, I knew that I was his.

Then came the dilemma as to what I should call him. I tested out several names, but nothing I came up with on my own seemed to fit his personality.


Then the idea came that I should ask the little guy what he wanted to be called. Even though I seriously doubted that anything would come from the exercise, I thought I would give it a try. I was not prepared for what happened next.

Here’s how it went:
“What is your name?”
– “You know my name.”

WHAT WAS THAT? Where did that thought come from? Well, I know that I’m creative, and have an active imagination, so, that MUST be it. Yeah…that must be what happened.

So, I asked again:
“What is your name?”
– “You know my name… My name is Merlin.”

Of course! I knew that the thought that had just popped into my head was right! The name Merlin was the perfect match for this precious little purrbox. Plus, the last time I  had a siamese cat in my life, my family was living on Merlin Drive. Was all of this simply coincidental, or had this been in the works for many years?

Was this all a part of my imagination? Or, was it possible that I just had an experience with animal communication?  Did that adorable little kitten actually tell me his name? Was I actually considering that it was even possible?



Regardless of where the thought came from, I was willing to acknowledge that I did indeed have the thought. After that point, I gave myself permission to not be so quick to dismiss those “out of the blue” thoughts and feelings. I decided that it might be okay to step back from my skeptical ways and  allow life to happen. When I did this…when I consciously stopped trying to dismiss the coincidences that were in my life, I was so surprised at how many more of these types of things were happening to me each day. I have many other animal communication stories now, some of which I will share with you in future posts.

I now invite you to ask yourself – are there things in your life that you are dismissing because they seem crazy? Are you getting in your own way, preventing yourself from savoring the little messages that are coming to you each day?

Enjoy life – who knows what amazing things will come your way!

Until Next Time,


recskepticLogoSMLeAnna Graves Creative

LeAnna Graves is the recovering skeptic. She is a meld of a wide variety of interests, skills and innate intuitive abilities. She  is a specialist in marketing and advertising, helping companies and organization, both small and large, with creative brand building, consumer awareness and sales. Her philosophy is that creativity comes from the Divine Creator, and that her role is to manifest the Divine Will by allowing this energy to flow through her for the highest good.