God’s Child

He came out her womb with his obvious first cry.

He still cries for that day to watch her oblivious blue eye.

Why did she leave him?Where did she go?

Or was he a trick in her sleeve a long time ago?


”Where is my mother?” he cried at the moon.

With guilt in its eyes the moon swept away

And all built its of shine seems to fade by a day.


”Where is my mother?” he cried at the stars.

Shame on his part,the cry never went that far.

They wanted to hear him,and to glitter his scar.


”where is my mother?”he cried at the sky.

The sky never saw her,how could it?

So it turned itself to dusk and the night to be lit.


”where is my mother?”he cried at the sea.

See! I can be your mother if noone will be

it said to the boy but he never stopped his cry for that plea.


He came to me crying asking the same.

I took the boy hipways trying to put him to tame.

Showed him the sky,showed him the sea.

Showed him the moon and stars in its scheme.


Sea is your mother and sky is her gown.

Star is her glitter that her eyes has ever shown.

And moon is her hat she put with her smile.

You are not alone,out here in the wild.

I told him,you are the one,the God’s own child.