Faint Memories

I was just three,
Naive and carefree,
Far away from tension,
No fear, no dejection.

But things turned adverse,
No less than a curse,
Everything ended in a blink,
When I remember, my heart sinks.

All over, nothing left,
Just remorse, guilt and regret,
Teary eyes bidding adieu,
To someone I definitely knew.

Someone who was the reason for my existence,
Always there for me, no matter how good or bad was the experience.
I tried to stop you, but you went,
To a world called ANGEL’s den.

That’s what you were, are, will be,
An Angel, a blessing in disguise,
A boon for sure,
A benison, to be precise.

Time is the best healer, they say,
But memories are here to stay,
Faint or fresh, who care,
A treasure they are, to share.


Happy you reside in peace,
Else you would have been in pieces,
Faces are the same,
But the people have changed.

The void created exists till date,
Ought to happen, its fate,
But you live deep down my heart,
And will stay there till my breath last.