Something Is Different This Holiday Season

I have always loved the holidays and believed in the magic I felt from the Christmas Season. As a little girl I would count down the days and each moment seemed more magical than the one before. My eyes could only see the enchantment of the season and my heart could feel the miraculous excitement building as each day passed. It was a fairy-tale existence for me.

But, this Christmas Season has felt different. More pronounced maybe? A heightened love and I don’t mean the normal love one feels, but a love that fills my entire being.

Significant in the fact that I have finally learned to love myself in ways I never thought possible. I mean like tangible evidence that resonates to the very core of my existence. How could one possibly love one’s self enough and not be egotistical? Well, let me tell you how.

Indulge me a little, won’t you?

I always thought life just happened to me, that I was just a puppet in the bigger show called life. I would even write poems as a young girl to this tragedy as to what I thought was real truth. I rarely experienced unconditional love and I certainly had no reason to love myself and I wasn’t taught how.

I can now thankfully say that over the many years of emotional and spiritual growth, I take full responsibility for all aspects of my life and emotions and feel this immense fullness of not only self-directed love but the indescribable love from the Creator. Much trial and error ensued for this to manifest itself, but let me tell you the for sure certainty in all of this. Freedom rings truth once you know this.

How does one love oneself in this way, you may ask?

First of all  we must know that we are spiritual, energetic beings, always connected to Source Energy. This is key to understanding all things spiritual. Lesson 101.

Begin to really feel this connection. It will much easier if you let go of how you think it needs to feel. We all have preconceived notions of how this connection to Source should feel from the way we have been taught by society and all the powers that be, including religion, politics, academia, media and the like. Once you let go of this stringent, bondage way of thinking you can allow yourself to open up to the omnipresent power of this unconditional love from the Universe. Allowing yourself to feel beyond your head and deep into the recesses of your soul, will allow you to go within these inner heart chambers where true love exists.

Self-love starts with a knowing that there is a distinct difference from giving love from a needy place and receiving love from the most natural space of soul connection.

Most of us were taught to give to others first and ourselves last. This will ring true for most women as we were told we must lead a selfless life to serve others. This lack of attending to ourselves and nurturing our soul had led to depression, anger, bitterness, unfulfillment and resentment. Sound familiar?

So, how do we turn things around? And this is the whole reason why I wanted to write about how things are very different for me this Christmas Season. I feel a huge shift in the cosmos, like a vortex has opened up for more self-awareness and ability for immense change. I have felt this for years now, but never so strong. It’s like the intensity meter keeps rising, making it so easy to open up and receive exactly what we need. And bottom line is, we need more self-love, more awareness of who we are at core level. This energy awareness will pull out from the inner depths of us that natural, inherent recollection of who we are in spirit. It then becomes easier to love ourselves, remember our purpose and why we have come to this planet.  You still with me?

We have all heard as we are ready to take flight from the airline stewards showing us how we are supposed to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first and then others. Makes total sense right? Then why don’t we apply this loving concept to all areas of our life, except when we are on an airplane? Because, we have been taught certain beliefs. It’s called conditioning, believing we are not worthy, being told we have to do for others first syndrome.

So, how do we find ourselves again in the midst of this social conditioning? One step at a time. I know for me it took patience, diligence and a real wanting to feel this unconditional love for myself.

It first starts with the desire. Then simple practices you can easily incorporate into your life. The biggest lesson I have ever learned was to receive acceptance. Not an easy virtue to allow into one’s life, but when integrated, it becomes a totally freeing attribute and one that takes worry and stress away.

All it takes is one step to make a profound difference in your life.

There are so many ways I teach my students/clients to loving oneself, but this first one is so simple for you to do.

How can you get started? Easy, start by finding things in your life to be grateful for. Taking those moments to actually become aware of the many things in your life to appreciate. This exercise in itself elevates your vibrational energy and you will feel more positive and happy.

I can find so many things that I am grateful for and I do this many times a day. It evokes a spirit of complete joy.

As the energy is heightened, my connection to my higher self deepens in ways that become indescribable.

I am loving this enhanced and vibrant energy as I celebrate the beautiful difference I feel this Christmas Season. I allow the pure magic of the Season to become the joy in my life connecting me in profound ways to my higher self.

I truly hope this has inspired you to take the first step in living your life with more love and a deeper connection to Source Energy.

With much love I send you holiday blessings and joy.


Healing Love


healing love

When the world

 is faced with lies

 who is the one

 that will unveil

 the ties that bind

A world in cloak

designed to choke

yet, light filters through

for those who want

peace and truth

Mourners cry

at sights untold

devastated the youth of old

casting shadows


Let us find the way

the road to love

swept through the blood

to the other side

where everlasting

love resides

Take my hand

to guide the way

and don’t’ listen

to media

on the way

Find your truth

your story

deep inside

a light, a hope

of a new world to shine

You have what it takes

 to reach the pain

 for healing love

 to rise again