Snow, wet snow,

falling on the pines,

sticking to the branches,

sticking to the power lines.

Snow, wet snow,

fluttering to the ground,

fluttering so slow,

softly not making a sound.

A good lesson,

lesson can be learned,

from this soft falling snow,

for our Christian walk,

to be humble,

and speak lovingly softly,

as we walk and grow.


Words [ written by Winston Staples]

words are special,
powerful indeed,
they can sooth a broken heart,
when positive words we feed.
Words spoken wisely,
help heal broken souls;
words guide our foot steps,
as we walk toward our goals.
Words spoken carelessly.
wound innocent hearts;
once spoken,
cannot be retrieved;
We may say we are sorry,
but forgiveness is hard to receive.
Think before we speak,
this our motto be,
use words to lift others up,
giving them dignity.

~ Winston Staples



My first home,
a small one,
beside a babbling brook,
called green.
A family of five,
Mom, dad,
and three sons.
O, how I loved,
my first home,
a great place to play,
a great place to roam;
I would fish,
in that brook called green,
catch some trout,
so good to eat when clean.
My first home,
is in the past.
My home now is pleasant,
filled with love,
not many tears,
it is in the present,
not my home,
for many more years.
My home,
that I long for,
is in the future,
Heaven is it's name.
A home with God,
O, what a great place,
to spend eternity,
with HIM,
the Angels and the Saints.


The month of August,

has just begun,

what a beautiful day,

it is filled with sun.

The robins hop,

hop across my lawn,

they have been there,

since the break of dawn;

they fly to a tree,

and feed their young,

and return to the ground,

another feeding cycle begun.

Nature is so nice,

so nice to behold in August,

seeing it’s flowers,

red, yellow and gold.

God created August,

such a pretty month,

for you and me,

so let’s say thank you,

thank you Father,

for this blessing,

and every blessing now,

and for eternity.



Today is sunny and very cold,

I don’t enjoy winter,

since I have got old.

They say spring,

is just around the corner,

and the robin,

soon will be here,

but looking out my window,

a lot of snow,

has to disappear.

Sometimes we worry,

sometimes we complain,

but as we look around

at all the blessings we see,

and all the blessings we claim,

We thank God,

from whom they came.

Yes, all good things come from God,

we say,

so, let’s place our hands together,

and thank Him,

for all our blessings today!



Some gifts are large, some gifts are small, but it’s the thought that counts after all. Gifts like a diamond ring, or a new bow tie, may bring a joyful tear or a little sigh. Dear friend, let’s give gifts, that money can not buy, like love, joy, mercy, peace, hope, forgiveness and grace. These are given by God’s Holy Spirit; because of His grace and not our merit; so let’s pass them on,so others can share, showing others that we really care, and let each of us not forget, that greatest gift of all, Christ’s gift of salvation, when upon His name we call.



It was late,

late in the day;

I got on the wheeler,

and drove slowly on the way.

I quickly saw two doe,

not spooked,

as I drove slow.

I love this old road,

that leads me,

to my favorite spot,

the spot where the red pine,

red pine trees grow.

I, now sit,

at the old beaver pond,

where the beaver play,

and the brook trout spawn.

I sit, listening,

to the gentle breeze,

as it whispers through,

those red pine trees.

I hear the crickets,

as lazy I grow,

as I hear the cawing,

cawing of the crow.

I meditate on God’s word,

and say thank you,

for the sights I see,

and sounds I have heard.

I say thank you,

for giving me your Son,

and the victory won.

Thank you for my friends,

and family here;

now I drive slowly back,

knowing God will keep me,

keep me on the right track.



As I sit,
Looking over the hill,
The air is cool,
The air is still.
Over the hill,
An expression,
Of one growing old,
A very old one,
I am told.
This old body,
One having much pain,
Feels a little better,
In the sunshine,
A little worse in the rain.
When I get up,
Get up to move,
I walk with a little less legs,
And a little more cane.
This old body,
May be falling apart,
But my soul,
My spirit,
Are strong,
And everlasting,
Because I have Jesus,
He lives in my heart!


A Poem Shared

What a beautiful morning,
the sun is shining bright,
it makes my heart sing,
as it removes the darkness,
and reveals it’s marvelous light.
The bright reflection on the water,
shines so brightly in my eyes,
and in the pines, a lonesome dove,
makes it’s lonely cry, but off to the right,
I hear a robin sing,
cheer up, cheer up, it is spring!

—– Winston Staples —–


A May Day

It is late in May,
the leaves are green,
the shy is grey,
but it is still a beautiful day.
A man walks his dog,
how slowly they go,
in this merry month,
I am glad,
to see no snow.