Second Innocence

As I sit in contemplation I am replaying a conversation I had with a friend.  I am wondering why this particular conversation is rising up for review. Something feels unfinished and unsettling.  I feel a need to replay it, to catch what I might have missed in the original conversation.  Kind of like when a sports game keeps doing a replay so they can see what they might have missed and need to see more clearly in order to make the right call.

In my replay I can hear myself saying to my friend, “I am so naive”. I repeated this multiple times.  I believe I also said that I think I always have been and may always be “naive” to one degree or another.  As I was saying this I was feeling like my naivety somehow was a detriment.  But, what I realized in my replay is that my naivety has also been my saving grace.  It has allowed me to be open-minded and open-hearted.  It has allowed me to stay softened through life’s challenges.  It has allowed grace to carry me through my darkest hours.

The following is an excerpt from a book I have been reading.  As synchronicity would have it, this is the page I opened up to after my replay and determining the right “call” for me.

As we leave magical thinking in the sandbox of our mind, we can find a deeper magic, the magic of awakening beyond what we think ourselves to be.  There is a remarkable innocence in this, not a naive or gullible innocence but a second innocence, a deeply awakened innocence through which our intimacy with the Mystery of Being ripens ever further, leaving us not longing for Home but sitting at the hearth, resting in the magic of everyday, grateful to be here one more day.  ~ Spiritual Bypassing by Robert Masters ~

Irma Francis



Spiritual Clarity

The Ride


Life is like riding a bicycle. 

To keep your balance you must keep moving. 

Albert Einstein ~

Remember when you were a kid and learning how to ride a bike?  How you kept trying and trying, you would fall, get back up and try again.  Then there were those moments when you would go a bit of a distance and you got a sense, a feel of balance.  You learned what to do and what not to do in order to keep your balance.

Now, you have got it, you can ride your bike without much effort involved, without much thinking involved, you get on and go.  Of course sometimes there are obstacles that cross your path and sometimes these obstacles can temporarily throw you off balance, sometimes they may even cause you to fall.  Depending on how bad you are thrown off balance, how hard you fall and how much damage is done determines your faith and willingness to get back on your bike, to find your balance and continue your ride.

Do you give in to fear?  Do you question the purpose of the ride? You may ask yourself why you should take a chance if you can fall and get hurt again.  What if you make a wrong turn and run smack into a brick wall?  How can you take that risk?  Maybe you should give up bike riding all together.

Oh, but you can’t because you do love that feeling when everything is in balance, when you have no  fear and you are  trusting your ability to keep your balance and to know where you are going so you don’t make any wrong turns.  There are those moments when you have such agility, such grace that you easily swerve around any obstacles on your path.

You become willing to forget all the hurt from all the falls, you become willing to try again.

If you continue to have faith in your balance, abilities and awareness, if you willingly risk the ride… will someday become a master bike rider and you will find a path that is so peaceful, so beautiful that it will feel like you are flying in heaven.  You will then know that the ride was worth every fall.

©Irma Francis


Spiritual Clarity

Purpose by Irma Francis
I have often wondered what my purpose is. What am I here to do, to say, to give?

The time on this earth is so brief, so precious. How can I have been so arrogant to not know my purpose, to not have taken time to get quiet enough to discover it? How ungracious to have lived this long not realizing my purpose?

Finally, through the painful process of trying to deny my own existence – my own spirit – I have arrived!

Now, through the grace of God I know my purpose.

My purpose is to realize the gift of life, to be so awake and alive that when others are in my presence they cannot help but be jarred from their sleepiness. To be so full of love and energy of spirit that others are enamored by the love that glistens through my smile and overflows from my eyes.  To love with so much joy that every moment, every breath, is seen for the gift that it is. To show myself in all my glory, to have faith and grace to reveal the purity of Spirit.  To be still and know God.  To appreciate and to be grateful for my authentic self, and whatever that self chooses to do with the gift of life.

 © Irma Francis