According to me “The Infinite space is Supreme God (Krishna)  
and in the sky of infinity, the universal super energy is God (Radha) and everything in the universe is condensed form of it.”


KNOW THE GOD CORRECTLY AS IS . . . If really want to know..
 God, Deva, Allah, Khuda, Brahma, or Bhagwan, all these names and more are the names of God; and yet God is beyond the limitation of name. But Fakir, Peer, Saint, Sufi, and Rishi sees God in the sun, in the fire, in the idol which diverse sects worship; and he recognizes Him in all the forms of the universe, yet knowing Him to be beyond all form; God in all, and all in God, He being the Seen and the Unseen, the Only Being. God is not only a religious belief, but also the highest ideal the human mind can conceive.
GOD’S FORMS:        One sector believes that God cannot have forms and is formless; another sector believes God has a form. The third says God is formless but takes forms. Some say everything must have a form but sometimes it is invisible. Invisible does not mean formless. For many Hindus, religion is a way of life. Sanathana Dharma accommodates the simple folk to the sophisticated thinker. Hindus believe in a universal soul – Brahman. Brahman is in everything and everything is in Brahman: Gita 10.39. Brahman takes many forms and some Hindus worship Brahman as personal God or Goddess. These personal Gods are a means to be aware of the universal Brahman. They also believe that there is a part of Brahman in everyone and this is called Atman. God cannot be seen with our physical eyes. He can be seen by the eyes of knowledge, faith, and devotion only: Gita 7.24-25. This is as simple as it can get to explain basic concepts God’s forms.    Om  

It is written in the ‘ Bible ’ as :

1) If somebody says that he loves God but hates his brother, then he is a liar. Because the brother is also a fruit of the same tree ( God ) which he himself belongs to.

2) ‘O’ beloved ! Now we are his children and yet. Nothing has been disclosed what we would be. We know only this much that we will be like ‘him’ when he shows himself. We will see him as exactly as what he is. Our presence in the world is as he has.

3) God is love, and whoever carries love in himself, remains with God.

4) ‘O’ ancestors ! I am writing you because whoever is there from the beginning, you know him.

5) God is light and nothing is dark in it.

Question : God is light or love ?

Answer : God is ‘lightening (Agni) and atoms or souls are condensed form of it. It means atom or soul is spark, thus “Ishwar” (God) is universal thermal power and universe is condensed form of itself. God has two parts – one is space and another is lightening.

According to Christianity ..

GOD is Holy. He is without fault, perfect in every way.

HE is eternal, meaning HE has no beginning and no end—HE has always been and will always continue to be. HE knows everything… is everywhere, and is in control of every detail from the working of the infinitesimal quark to the movement of every star in every galaxy. But though HE is All-Powerful and could destroy the entire universe with a single glance, HE is love itself.

HE is perfect peace, amazing grace, matchless joy, marvelous mercy, and boundless kindness. But though HE tenderly and graciously lifted us from the jaws of destruction, HE is a GOD of fierce fire and holy wrath. He hates sin and cannot, no matter what the pain in our lives, allow it to remain in our souls. HE is the truest justice, the most excellent righteousness, and the purest goodness. HE is majestically patient, perfectly faithful, and passionately in love with HIS children. HE is more beautiful, more powerful, and more wonderful than any description that could possibly be mustered with the limited vocabulary of human beings. And such is the GOD we have only begun to know.


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