Earth Angels Random Acts of Kindness

Earth Angels

Random acts of kindness by Freya Perry.


Over the past few months I have been ‘trying’ to get an outdoor art project off the ground but every door seemed closed to me. I have a passion for colour and textiles and my work is imaginative and quirky. I love nothing more than creating with fabric, wool, yarn, paper, paint and wire, yet no one seemed interested in what I wanted to achieve. Even if I did manage to get the project off the ground, I knew I would need help from someone stronger for some of the aspects. A couple of years ago I severed a muscle in my right shoulder and so it’s permanently weaker. I have learned to live with the restriction, but there are times when I need someone with more physical strength. My frustration led me to understand that the use of the word ‘try’ in my opening sentence offered the solution to my problems. Trying to do something is not the same as doing it. I needed to be positive, to trust and to have faith. Maybe my Guardian Angel was testing me. Had I so easily forgotten the positive law of attraction?  


I really wanted to do this community project. Finally, when I had shed all the negative thoughts, I asked my Guardian Angel from my ‘heartsoul’ space to bring the right person / people in to my life to help with the next step. I so wanted to create this special art. Once I had openly asked, I started feeling drawn to one particular woman friend. All I can say is that I felt a pull towards her – and then a desire to phone HER rather than anyone else. I hadn’t seen her for months but she kept popping into my mind and when I feel such a pull (rather like someone taking me by the hand and leading me on) I do follow. She was delighted to hear from me. Not only did she listen, but she immediately offered to sponsor part of the materials for my dream project. She was also involved in a new community co-operative garden.  I had had no idea at all as I had been out of circulation due to a tragic bereavement. Random act of Kindness No 1. 


My dream was taking shape. My friend then suggested I contact a local firm to see if they might offer some kind of support. I did. They replied immediately and agreed to help me in a small way. I was thrilled. Random act of Kindness No 2.  My friend also mentioned to one of her colleagues, a man with broad shoulders and strong muscles that I needed help to collect the bulky and heavy materials. I was aware of the man in question but had never spoken to him. He phoned me the very next day and agreed to be at my home the following morning so we could go together to source materials from local stores.  He then gave me a whole afternoon freely from his heart to prepare the first part of my work that needed his muscle power. He even bought me coffee! We chatted happily as we worked side by side. He said he found it relaxing and therapeutic. He said to phone him anytime if I needed his help again and if he wasn’t busy then he would be only to happy to lend a hand. He loves the whole concept of my imaginative and creative art. He has helped me regularly. Random act of Kindness number No 3.  


I am now well on my way to designing and creating some beautiful garden art from my heart and both these lovely people are part of it. The whole community will benefit.  Not only do I have a Guardian Angel on high (or on my shoulder) but a couple of local earth angels too.


Freya Perry 24th March 2013.   UK