The Love Letter

41113The Love Letter…..
I had a long talk with myself today as I basked in the sun
I had a long talk with myself today as I basked in the sun and welcomed the
solitude of another place.  Though many things rambled through the now lit up corners of my mind., I thought of an email I sent to a much beloved friend who was needing a way out of her aloneness and asking for a little consolation in the way of feeling loved.
SO, I pondered a bit, procrastinated and squandered some time and came
back to the nagging words that would not leave me and late that note I wrote her a love letter from the one who created her and knew her all the days before and those final moments at the end of her journey that I did not even know was to come.I only heard that inner voice that said “Do” and so, I did.
Just once, I’d like to get a letter that embodied the essence of Me. I vow to write many more letters like that, but today, I decided to do that for myself in case I forget who I am to me…Who better knows all my firsts and lasts.
The good, the bad and the ugly, the rejoicing and the sorrow? Who knows the
secrets of my innermost heart, the dreams lost and found? Who else could swim to the depths of my being when all seemed lost or knew just what to do to bring me back from the brink of despair when all seemed lost and back inb to the light of day..
This was the day to remind myself of the the Me I used to be and all I have
become and to encourage the encourager to come out and stay with me awhile.
To remember the promise and joy beckoning me to the promise of so much more.
In this life, I have done extaordinary things bigger than myslef. I have turned
discouragement into inspiration. Darkness into light and confusion in to clarity,
if only for me.I am in awe of the gift of my Youniqueness and grateful there is no one else like me.
So, this day I ask you to do the same in this love letter to yourself…
Answer the questions….?????What are my greatest accomplishments?What are my greatest strengths?

How do you use these gifts?

Are you maximizing your resources?

Everything you have ever been and done, reaped and sown, every mistake and

every saving grace has made you who you are.Rejoice in it. Revel in it and be in
awe of You today. There is none like you..