The Angel Heaven Forgot

Dearest Angel, sweet Light Bringer…
you've been treated so poorly. 
Everyone knows your story, Lucifer…
everyone knows about your fall from serenity. 
But, is it the true tale of your descent and how you became fallen? 
You are the angel heaven forgot, that heaven has forsaken. 
Somehow, Lucifer, you don't seem so evil or bad. 
Your tale is something that is truly sad. 
Whatever words are said about you now, one fact remains. 
You were an angel then…and still are to this day. 
Dearest angel that heaven forgot and tossed away…
you'll find peace, somewhere, someday.


Isis E. Stevens


The Body

The Male Body

The Male Body is a symbol of many different things. One particular thing it symbolizes is strength. Now, strength is measured differently by each individual person. An old saying was "The strength of a man is measured by his heart". Every single day, this is proven as men deal with things that women have no ideas about. One thought might be that the biggest thing a male has to deal with is his emotional spectrum as they are taught from an early age that it's not socially acceptable for them to show emotions. This alone might be what makes the male body so strong. Every emotion they keep within flowing through their bones, muscles, and skin could actually be the secret to the amount of strength measured within. 

The Female Body

Now then, you have the Female Body. It comes it all shapes, sizes, and curves. One factual thing about this type of body is that it can do things a male body cannot. While this is true, the Female Body is holds no higher position than it's male counterpart. However, the Female Body can do something quite special when combined with the male body; it can produce life. The strength and courage it takes for something so grand itself is found within every woman. To be able to go through body changes, stretch and pull in different ways, rearrange internally to accommodate the very essence of life itself…is one impressive feat, indeed. 

The Human Body

Extending on a piece said from yesterday, the Human Body is an amazing thing. Each system functions in specific ways, seemingly separate from one another and yet each working in harmony. If the Human Body is really this amazing machine then why is it so taboo when, for lack of better words, showing it off? Why is showing it such a taboo thing? Why is it so much more a taboo thing for women then it is men? 

A good example of the big difference between men and women showing off the magnificent created piece of art which is the body showcases itself in photos. Simply put, a man can show his torso with no issues while if a woman were to do the same thing, all hell would be let loose. Why though? Both men and women have the exact same thing upon their torso: collar bones that may or may not show underneath the skin, areolas that surround the nipple, and a belly button that either shows itself or is sink into the stomach area. The only slight difference to this is the simple fact of the fatty tissue that make up a woman's breasts.

This seems to be where the issue really lies when it comes to the "nudity" being reported about. In fact, this seems to be a rather huge issue when it comes to something as beautiful as breastfeeding. Why, though, do you think that is? Why is there such a taboo thing about a woman's breasts that even showing the slightest bit of it, that meaning the mound with the areola and nipple covered, causes an uproar? Mind you, much of the reporting done on sites,such as FaceBook, are people attempting to get back at others for whatever reason they wish to try justifying it with, but still. The amount of pictures reported for said "nudity" is much greater in the women's department than it is in the men's. 

Maybe, just maybe, it's time something is done about that. Wouldn't you say?