Beyond Time

Her easy smile portrays understanding. But what is underneath? There are few words. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago and slowly, painfully I have watched the deterioration of her mind and body.

            I help her up from the chair that has now become the cornerstone of her life. Countless hours of her day are spent in this fabric cocoon. Before Alzheimer’s, the recliner had been a refuge after a long day of teaching. With a steaming cup of tea in hand she would lounge there for a few minutes before starting dinner. Did she remember those days? Or had the chair become just the place she was living out her life since the disease ravaged her memory?

            Is there a place somewhere deep down where her memories reside, a place I cannot go?  Does she still have a relationship with God? The Bible says there is nowhere we can flee from His spirit. (Psa. 139:7, 8) Even if we were to ascend up into heaven or hell, He is already there.

            God dwells beyond time, beyond the effects of disease and death. Could this be where she waits, safe from the pain and struggle of life? Her countenance gives no clue. But, Mom was a person of faith all her life. Alzheimer’s cannot change that.

            I believe one day, far beyond the confines of time, she will again have fullness of memory, beauty, and wholeness. God’s promise is for today, tomorrow and forever.


Desiree Woodland @2009