Mirrored Grace


Younger then, I believed hearing you say; “I’m sorry” would be strong enough to rinse away my hurt and hardened emotions,

Enough to wipe away the tears, I’d never allow you to see.

Yet hearing, “I’m sorry” too many years late, my walls now so fortified, your words were as a stranger asking a bleeding child “Is there anything I can do?  while passing by, glancing, and not stopping.

And seeing you now, looking into your unexpressive, aging eyes, I see YOUR sorrow, your regret, your apology.

And looking in mine, I hope you see my sadness that YOU had to go through what you went through.

 I hope you see my forgiveness, my tears.

 My walls , brick by brick , stone by stone are coming down, and coming up compassion , understanding and the word You need to hear: “I forgive you. “