Our hands are full of LOVE and LIGHT

My hands, your hands and our hands are creating the loving energy and spreading to everywhere. Though we can’t see the solid energy, we feel the divine love and light flowing into our body.  Our body and soul are created by God, we have been blessed that our roads are full of abundance and prosperity.


Under the divine tree, we are opening our hands to receive unlimited divine wisdom and abundance every day. We are so grateful that God takes care of us with unconditional love. I am so proud of being God’s child. I close my eyes, and put my hands on my heart, I totally feel God within my heart. People are looking for the method of communication with God, actually the method is very simple and easy, that is prayer. “God, thank you for your guidance of my life, thank you for your unconditional love to me, taking care of me and my family. Thank you”. Life is simple with love, people sometimes think more complicated. I trust God every guidance and signs because of LOVE within my heart. That’s all simply and happiness! Everyday is with Love, Everyday is with Light. Thank you God and Angels.


New beginning of the day

Starting a new day every morning,
Thank you God taking care of me

Starting to work every day
Thank you God guiding me

Starting to have a nice food
Thank you God providing me

Starting to feel everything happened
Thank you God letting me experience and understand myself

Starting to gratitude to Universe
Thank you God supporting me

Starting to spread to Love
Thank you God giving me power



Your have a wonderful Magic Wand

I open the door with my Magic Wand!
Open the door! Open the door!

I not only see the beautiful world,
I see the world filled with the greatest love and light!
I feel the world with the warmest heart!
I smell the world with the freshest fragrance
I touch the world with the highest vibration
I take on my role of mission to the world!
I love, I love the world
I care, I care the world

I close tthe door with my Magic Wand!
Close the door! Close the door.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Magic Wand!


Have you seen the divine bridge?

Before your enlightenment, you were curiosity of divine bridge and spirituality. What is divine bridge? It is a bridge between you and divine where is connected to Angelic Kingdom invisibly BUT it is very pure, beautiful and powerful energy and full of hopes and dream. Everybody can connect with Angels via divine bridge as long as they trust and have strong faith within their heart. If any waving of their heart, they are required to take more steps to the divine bridge.

In the physical world, we were coming to the world from the little Star in the universal emerging into the human body, the little star is a Soul. They had been building well-relationship with divine already but in the modern world, people enjoy living in the physical world where could be involved to capitalism, materialism or communalism society, however, they forget that they are originally living in the Divinelism.

Because of this bridge, it lets me understand the divine wisdom to apply to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual world.

Learning love, spreading love.
Saying Thank you as a magic
Gratitude to everything, that is love.
All is well, all is well.
Thank you God and Angels!


Magic Cookies

Cookies are a famous food over the world, a different kind of cookies shops are nearby your home, there would be in Chinese style or western style, even it can be sold at the supermarket. It is in different shapes, tastes, country.

Do you know one piece of cookies that can bring you to travel to another country and give you different feelings? Going around each shop, the image of cookies on accessories always bring people happy. Just a little cookies, it could inspire lots of ideas and dreams, it can lead on me to explore its birth country.

Yum…yum… yum…it can bring me full of happiness and satisfactory, it makes me to relax, it makes me to enjoy its taste. A little dream is popping up in my mind, yum… yum… yum…. I enjoy a wonderful time with Magic Cookies. God, thank you for giving me an amazing body senses to enjoy manifesting my dreams, and keep writing to the article.

Oh! Thank you Magic cookies!


Jiu Choy, a Responsible Cat

My sister’s Cat is called “Jiu Choy”, “Jiu Choy” in Chinese meaning is unlimited “Abundance and Prosperity” to bring into its life and live in happiness.

Her body is in black and write, short hair; she is very adorable, “Meow, Meow”. My sister had adopted her from RSPCA UK ten years ago. My sister said to the little cat, “If you are “Jiu Choy”, please come to me”. She came to my sister to say “Hello” and kept swinging her tail.

In the past years, she not only brought lots of happiness into our life, she took responsibilities that were unbelievable and amazing. She punctually waited for us when we were back home. She comforted our heart when we tear. She was very intelligent to jump over the heighten area, she enjoyed sun-bathing on the balcony, kissed on our faces, slept with my Sister every night. Sometimes, she was naughty to sleep on our computer, we couldn’t work until her awakening. She liked playing “Hide and Seek” with us. “Jiu Choy! where are you? Time for dinner!”. Full of happy voices are filled up our home!

Due to her recent illness, she had less energy to play with us, she ate very less foods, she lost weight, but she was so brave to fight against her illness without any complaint. We kept praying with God and the Angels, and looked forward any miracle happened. Before her leaving to Heaven, she finally waited for us to get up in the morning and peacefully said “Goodbye” to us. “Jiu Choy, you are so amazing and responsible! You take care of everyone’s heart and bring lots of happiness to us. In our heart, you have done well beyond our expectations and completed your life mission. We are very appreciated to God who assigned you to come to our life, you are a precious gift for us. Thank you God and the Angels to taking care of Jiu Choy, Jiu Choy, we love you! You will be missed.”


This is Me

Closing my eyes, inhaling a deep breathe;
I am enjoying a quiet time between me and divine.

Inhaling a deep breathe, exhaling a soft breathe;
I am happily releasing to the burden down.

Exhaling a soft breathe, walking on the path;
I am loved of my abundant future along with lots of light.

Walking on the path, holding God’s hand;
I fully trust on my guidance confidently.

Holding God’s hand, sending my Love and Light to Earth;
I establish my task and accomplish my task.

Sending my Love and Light to Earth, Saying ‘Hello’ to Divine;
I am a God’s child.


Miss Rainbow

Rainbow is composed of 7 colours.
It brings me joy and love.
Every colour is unique and elegant.

Miss Rainbow! Miss Rainbow! You are very beautiful!
After my crying, your give me more than a smile, also gives me hopes!
Your lights are illuminated into my heart, I am warm, and I am loved.
You are dancing with me in wonderful melody, I forget everything that I am angry and frustrated, let my soul is serenity and comfortable.

Miss Rainbow! Miss Rainbow! You are an extraordinary bridge in connection with divine.
You bring me unlimited wisdom, love and smile.
Because of you, every object is alive, let me live in fascinated world.
Your tolerance can breakthrough between peoples who feel an unconditional love.
I am sincerely gratitude of you, bring my life abundantly and fruitfully.

Thank you for your love to me, please always accompany me. I love you!


Riding My Bicycle

I am riding the bicycle to the rural area, I am no direction just only one way to my green village. Going forward without signs, I am fear at the beginning; Later, I absolutely forget my heart of fear as I am enchanted scenery in depth.


Thousand million angels are companying me and I am listening to divine wisdom through my ears. I am very happy and enjoyable on my journey! Oh! That’s my vivid imagination on my meditation. I enjoy it very much.


This is a simple meditation that can bring me to another world to receive the wonderful divine message and boost up my confidence on my ways! This bicycle can go everywhere with my Angels, I enjoy it everyday!


Lots of Love and Light around us!


My Shoes

Listen! my pace on journey touches my heart constantly
(Heartbeats… Heartbeats…)
My mind suddenly appears in blank at the crossroad, I look at my shoes.
My shoes are so old and dirty.
Am I on the right path with my life purpose?
I am tired and exhausted
I pray to God!
Please give me a food, please give me water
The Sun is still leading to me on my way.
I haven’t thought the way is right or wrong
I only have faith to follow your guidance
I take out my shoes, my bare foot walk on journey
The birds are singing for me, the fragrance of flowers covered with my clothes
(Breeze … Breeze)
My heart is light and my road is clear
God, you give me a new Soul to enter the new world
You speak to me “You love me as I am your child”
Your supportive is unlimited gift to me
I am so gratitude of your love
I continue to create my way brighter and brighter
Let’s spread much love and light together!
That is my life purpose