Writing for Humans

A workshop focusing on the perspective of Humanism

At the Crescent and Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR

Arrival: July 23, 2013 Departure: July 25, 2013


This workshop is for writers of all levels. Whether or not you an experienced writer with eight books published, or writer who has thought about writing, but never sat down with a pen in hand and did the work, this workshop is for you! At the workshop, one of topics that will be discussed is resistance and how to overcome it – where it comes from – whether or not it is real. This workshop is for writers of all genres. Playwrights, Novelist, Short Story Writers, and Poets are all welcome and encouraged to come!
You don’t have to be a writer to come. Writing is a craft, an art form just like painting; and for that reason, painters, quilters, dancers, and anyone else with an artistic side in need of rejuvenation or blossoming should come to this workshop.
Art has the potential to heal. Those in need of healing, coping, communicating, even running away are strongly encouraged to attend. If you don’t call yourself a writer, or don’t want to write, know this: we are born as writers. Writing is one of the few things that make us human. Our pets that we love, the animals at the zoo, they will never sit down and make the next great novel or play. Writing is what separates us from the rest of the living world. Come, hear your voice, find yourself and through that, find peace.


A note from the facilitator: I would like to accompany everyone in their own unique way. What is great about a group of individuals meeting from different backgrounds is that we will all want something different to take from the workshop. Because of this, I will modify a basic structure to accompany writers, painters, quilters, dancers, or anyone else.
The basic structure of this retreat will include the teachings of Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Practice and meditation as well as the perspective of the teacher, Derrick A. Bremer.


Truly an extraordinary escape, Eureka Springs has been named as one of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Crescent, celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2011 and is a proud member of Historic Hotels of America.


The cost of this retreat depends on how many people will attend. If cost is an issue, please let Derrick know, no one should be unable to attend because of financial issues. With that being said, it is important to pay what you can afford so that no one else is paying the price of others. The cost will cover two nights stay at the Crescent or Basin Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR, two breakfasts and two lunches as well as workshop admittance and limited supplies for your craft (supply lists will be mailed out after registration). I will assign rooms; so, if you have a preference, please register early so that I can do my best to accommodate you.
You can share a room with another guest: $350
Or, if you would like a private room: $500
I would like everyone to have the ability to come, for that reason, I am willing to work with anyone who is interested. With that being said, if you live in the north west Arkansas area and are willing to commute to Eureka Springs every day let me know.


If you are interested in participating in the Writing for Humans workshop please e-mail Derrick at derrickabremer@me.com to let him know of that interest. At that time, hopefully, prices and due dates will be clarified.
After confirmation of availability etc. with Derrick, please send him 2 to 5 pages of written work that you would like him to read in addition to a letter about yourself and experience. A mailing address will be established in the confirmation e-mail from Derrick.
After confirmation, you will also receive a retreat packet with necessary information and everything else you will need for the workshop. There is recommended reading for the workshop, so please hurry to get your retreat packet and begin reading!
Show up. Don’t get tossed away! – Natalie Goldberg


Derrick A. Bremer originally found passion in the theatre. He has written several plays, and his first play was produced in the Alma, AR Performing Arts Center. In addition to writing, Derrick paints and acts. He is truly excited to meet you at his workshop.
Find more out about derrick on his blog DerrickABremer.wordpress.com! His about me page reads:
I have spent some time thinking about how I should introduce myself to the world here. I read and re-read what it was that I threw together as to introduce myself. I wrote in the third-person; as to seem ‘je ne sais pas’. Now, I say, ‘enough of that’. I would like to introduce all of you to me.
My name is Derrick. I have found success and failure and I strive to find both again. The most important lesson I have learned in my life, is to not refrain from sticking my arm in the hole in the wall, extend my neck, it may just as easily be caressed as chopped off; and either way, I learn.
That’s what it is all about for me, to learn and grow. To grow with those whom I call mentor instead of teacher, to listen to my heart along the journey – to share that with my partner, the love of my life. To find joy in what makes little sense, simply because it is, and is without explanation. But, all of that is for another day, another discussion and has little business here.
I often find myself running to the places in the world where the sound of traffic and jet planes still do not reach. Perhaps that is why I live in Arkansas.
I have many animals around me at all time, but only one pet I call my own. Barnabus Bird lives in my office, so that he can watch over me as I work.
Currently I am working on a children’s theatre project, a project that occupies much of my time. When I am not focusing on work, I enjoy tracking across the wild that I call h