The Time Has Come

The time has come My new found friend Time to return to the city where it all began Purchase of a property so many years ago on the lake Working turning it into a place of beauty and design! The memories it holds as the years have passed You will always carry with you! Now is the time to be with your family and friends Leaving the solitude the lake house holds! Bright city lights now are calling your name!!It's time for you to sing again my elegant friend! Marie you are a warrior of elegance and grace . The city lights have called you home again!! It's time for you to sing again!       Dedicated to Marie                                                                                                       




Small Bouquet of Flowers


I give you small bouquet of flowers that are not worth much. To let you know I am thinking of you! Hope this little bouquet of flowers brightens your day! Holding in each flower of different colour and design  lots of love and full of sunshine! A few times I have missed you just left the bouquet behind to remind you day or night I am here for you!! Flowers always have a way of brightening the darkest days that's sky's are full of clouds. It is the little something that I love to do !! To let you know dear sister I am so proud of you!



Leaving The Pain Behind

How the years past the memories fade of the dreams of yesteryear. A mellowing of broken hearts and promises not met. Choices and lessons that made us smile or created a tear. Time holds it's lessons the shutting down of a heart and the opening of it again with loving care from some one new. Many chose to hold unto the pain of past events that only holds power a cloud over hearts. Leaving the pain behind moving past events that helped us grow into who we have become today! Life is full of many moments life moments they are precious as many before us theirs was cut short. Age has a way of teaching us what love is what pain is we would not beable to enjoy one without the other. Life is full of thorns the roses we experience in the joys need to be savored. Leaving pain behind taking the step to love each day we have. We have all known one person that wanted one more day!! Leave the pain behind is being couragous taking a chance on loving again. Forgiving that person that broke your heart not to put light in their heart but to put light into yours.Leave the pain behind take a leap of faith dance to the tune that makes you smile!! Chase your dreams your time is now!!




I Won’t Tell You

I won't tell you what it is like when you look in the mirror and you have lost your hair. I won't tell you I understand when told your time is limited here. I will tell you I have two ears that will listen if you want to share. I won't tell you I understand the fear and sleepless nights. I will tell you that I am here for you day or night if you need me. I won't tell you not to question or give a voice to your feelings and your choices of care. I will tell you enjoy your life and make magic moments and do whatever makes your heart sing! I won't tell you that it is an easy fight! I will tell you that you have strength that I admire as I don't know if  I would have had the same. I will tell you I love you sweet sister of mine! I will tell you never lose hope in a cure for this horrible disease. You are living each day of each moment in time and that is all that we have when we are here!!


What is Loneliness

Is a space not filled within your heart wanting to fill it! That feeling of sharing with another. Something that if felt for the person alone without that soul mate or partner. The days seem long when feeling lonely and the nights longer. Waiting and wanting to fill the void with that special someone! The sound of a voice fills the gap for the seconds or minutes in time. The longing for that sharing caring touch of another soul. Loneliness  is something felt by many in today's world. The coupled majority does not know that emptiness that is felt. Lonliness is something that needs to be filled with joy of the things that bring joy! Joy to the heart fills the hole bringing shared smiles, warm hands and a tight hug! The cure for lonliness open your heart let others in! Do the things that make you laugh and gives you the peaceful heart you once felt. Lonliness something we all feel in life! Reach out to all that suffer from this it does not choose and age. Effects all in society and the world! Be that kind word, phone call or knock at the door to those alone so they feel a little brighter! Cure lonliness for all you know today!




Woman’s Ageing Celebration

The moments  most precious there is no price tag on.  Memories of her first kiss to the special young man and how her heart skipped a beat when he held her hand. As the year's passed by quickly taking marriage vows not long after the joy looking at her first borns face. Moments are most precious when shared with family and friends as years go by and things change you wish for a repeat of those times again.  We all have troubled times and strength and courage within this given life. Without those heartache times would not appreciate the blessing of good times that do return in time to come. Life changes us sometimes and the man that held our heart goes his separate way and marriage falls  apart. Children grow up fast and become taller then you thought   they could ever be. Life constantly changing on each woman's path of life. As woman we watch our bodies change from young to middle aged to old. We need to celebrate each stretch mark and laugh line in our faces and our bodies I behold. Each line and mark is a symbol of life's magic moments we have had in life.If you lose what was to be your soul mate in life don't give up hope another might come into your life. We change as we age some of us get smaller some larger and our hair color only turning grey or the color we put on it from a box. Ageing woman celebrate each day of your life the many magic moments that you attained for free.





Please Hold My Hand

Please hold my hand on my dying day

If you need to share a tear I pray

Don't tell me you understand

My day's are numbered the Doctor said

The shock and fear that in a year or less I would be dead

If you work with me give me hope each day I'm here

I know it won't be to long and God will take me home

Till then I want to appreciate the sun and starlite nights

Don't need to hear the shocking reality of my plight!!

We all need a branch of hope throughout life

Don't give me positive hope one day to take it away the next day!!

Please hold my hand and let me share my life of yesteryear

I'm leaving my family and my friends 

Want to live with hope until the end

Filled with love in my time of need

Medication to take the pain away

So I can focus on happy memories

Don't tell me you understand

Just hold my hand  !!!

Written in dedication to my sister Diane battling cancer


I Need A Man Of Honour




I need a man of honour

That stands beside my side

One that I can trust and hold with pride



A man that loves the person I have come to be

I need a man that makes me a priority each single day

If a man loves a woman he does not make her second best

He always holds her in deep regard way above the rest

I need a man of honour if that is not in my plan of life

Will live a life single throughout the rest of life


Winter Solice





The trees laden with heavy snow mittens on each branch

My boots crackle as  I take each step on the snow covered road

Snow banks piled high the stillness of the forest

Winter solice peaceful tranquility is my only thought on this winters day

All is white fresh clean and new as all sleeps in the forest

My mind clear and crisp as the grounds I walk on

Looking forward to the gift of spring leaving behind the past



Life Long Friend

Once in a lifetime someone comes along
From your youthful past
Loving the girl you once were
Now the woman you have become
Love is timeless and ageless
With this special person
Their smile touches your heart
As it did years back
Bringing you once again laughter
Sharing life’s lessons
This special person
From your youthful past
Loving you through the years
Love is ageless and timeless
Your heart knows
That you will be friends

On life’s path until your journey ends
God sends you a special friend once in a lifetime
This person always finds you even though miles apart
To share a smile to share a tear
A special love you have shared year after year