nickname ladybug<3

So on my way to church i came across this sweet little lady bug struggling on the cracked rocky dirt ground, so i picked her up and named her bug, walking i tryed to hold her in my hand, the whole way she tryed to escape and leave my hand,she fell a couple times lol. I tell her just a little longer im taking tou somewhere beautiful to a flower far away from the dangerous sidewalks she still hesitates and jumps away from me again, so i pick her up and we try again, finally we make it to our destination a park bench around the corner from church surrounded by big trees as i sit on this graffiti bench i watch her on the flower where i placed her, after a long but,beautiful journey i sit here in amazement all of this beauty around and i thank God for loving me so much for picking Bug up off that path and carrying me to something extrodanary! 
What a blessed day for me!!


One Love

Your beauty is the sky 
Day or night, sun or moon, rainbow or cloud
My soul is aroused, intrigued, mystified, speechless 
Lost in your beauty i find myself daily
Always the same, and always so different 
yet with each moment your love remains true 
sky does not and will not fall
everlasting in radiance and pure lovelyness 
Golden embers fly and magnify your presence 
Countless stars twinkle as i sleep
Morning dew falls to revive my eyes to bless me with your presence once more

Gently touched by one extremly beautiful, powerful and strong
Your my sun layed out warming me, your the breeze that hits, like the cool side of my pillow 
Your light brings color and life to my pail cold skin 
Kissed by golden lips i am Radiently Refreshed, sustained, truly satisfied 
Like a yellow daffodil in bloom My soul awakens
I now know Calm and safe, i feel joy
I am greeted by Inner peace and true serenity
I am soulfully resurrected and vitally alive 
Love so true, my heart will gaze into your heaven forever


Abstract Heart

when I look at you, im looking at an abstract piece of art
a very strong attraction from the start

called to gaze upon this form, set and brought to my attention
brings an energy to my life from another dimension

I take a step back to decipher the meaning
I feel love interceding

between the lines colors trapped within
a potential unimaginable tattoos through rough, yet paper thin skin

I’m captivated, entranced, enticed
I witness greatness held back and disguised

mixed messages of dark and light
shades of Gray, yet a glow so bright

it holds heavy emotion, stories of pain
essence of sunshine and rain

filled with brokenness, imperfection, beauty, and love
it’s a masterpiece created by the artist above

only the creator knows the creation and what it’s made to be
what I know is what it has shown me

the potential i perceived, 
is the desired reflection of what I want and who I am made to be
leaving behind what is, to set free the greater side of me

it’s not about what we see or feel in a first glance
it’s what’s observed and received coming out of the trance

it held a lesson much needed before I die
letting go is not falling, it teaches us to fly


Song of my soul

I was looking for you, it was dark I could not see

I bumped into Crystal,appearing in front of me

I asked her, “can you help me find what I seek?”

She smiled “Yes, take my hand and walk with me!”

I took her in hand, breathed in deep

Exhaled, as the earth shook under my feet

She  said “don’t worry, I will take  you to places on high and unseen”

“I will make  you a queen!”

Away we went so high

I could fly

Suddenly, I fell from the sky

It was all a lie

I awoke lost, dazed, and confused

Far from home, broken and bruised

The ground I hit had no mercy

The place was cursed and empty

I ended up where innocence is slain

Where sounds of fear an  pain called my name

Like a flower cut off at the stem

Whithers and dies the soul within

Over half the souls here never escape

They give up and surrender to this deep dark fate

She promised I would find everything I seek

But I am far from anything I wish to keep

She left me here to die in this place  all alone

My fault for following I now reap what I’ve sown

With bloody tears I look to the sky

I cry

Just then a light appeared….

With a voice so sweet and heavenly

It said to me

” your trust has been shaken, your faith has been scarred

Your body an  spirit taken down a road that was hard.

It’s not over yet, but if you give me your heart

I will show you the way out of the dark.”

I answered..

“I’m broken and cannot move”

The  light said, “I know you have nothing to prove.

In exchange  for your heart, I’ll give  you my spirit

I’ll carry you out like there ain’t nothing to it!:)

He continued..

Th  journey back is narrow yet straight

Stay on track so you won’t be late

The spirit I give shall guide your way

If you fall, trip, or stray

Just pray

It won’t let you get lost

That’s why I came and carried the cross.”

I gave him my heart, we made the exchange

As I walk th  road less traveled I see the change

Although there are steep mountains and bumps along the way

With it within me I grow each day

Gazing at the horizon, just over the peak

I understand, I’m awoken to the  very thing I seek

God is True love and he lives within my  heart

Never to part


Grace in a snowflake

Prayer “God, if your not mad at me please let it snow”

Prayer answered ” My grace is sufficent, LET IT SNOW!”

It snowed like i never seen it snow before. I was shown great grace and true love that day<3

Love can change the weather, Gods grace shows true love, i discovered my winter wonderland a whole new world. It is not a fairytale. This is not just a dream.

This is my life.