seek truth

The battle from within is something we all have and must learn to overcome.  With a battle we must have two sides, but with the inner battle the two sides we have are both ourselves.  On one side we have our true self and on the other side we have our self in which we have learned to be through society and our up- bringing.  (This is our mind) who we think we are.  We are not free beings when we are thinking about what we should do or who we should be.  Our freedom comes from when we are able to just be without thought.  If we can just be in the moment of true self, we can then be free of our mental self.   It is human condition to conform or to think and believe one way or another, but the truth is to not think and just be.  This is our true spiritual self.  This is the freedom from that inner battle that keeps us on the path of true time.  When I say true time I actually mean eternity, because time is not something that is true.  It does not exist; it is something we created to make sense of each sunrise and sunset.  With the word time comes a beginning and an end.  This would mean we came from nothing and when the moment comes everything would then become nothing.  I do not believe this can happen something always becomes something else.  Nothing can just disappear, it may be gone, but it appears as something else even if we cannot see it after the change.  When we can feel that we are eternity and we go on forever and everything is everything else than suddenly we are our true self and any fear, distrust, or anxiety we might carry within ourselves causing this inner battle, will all disappear.  It may only disappear for a moment or two, but with this glimpse of truth we realize all that matters is compassionate love.  And this moment that we realize, is the moment of connection and a new beginning to our own humanity.  Once we have felt that connection of gratitude for all, we have no choice but to try and live this way, because we know this is truth.  Seek truth and spread the love for life.