Beyond Limitations

There is a hunger in all of us that wants to be understood. To be fed. A core ideology that grumbles at any taste of freedom from the ache of longing. The soul knows what it wants. Without question. It was born to know. And We – YOU – put limitations on what your soul can have, what it can experience, and what it can express. And so it damns you. It damns you with guilt, with frustration, with anger, with fear. You have bound your soul up with limitations like sinew that is incapable of being cut without slashing and hacking, for that is what your mind now feels like every time you try to hit it with truth. The soul is angry, resistant, longing, aching – every time you tighten it down. The soul has a voice, a need for unique expression. You are the ruthless brutality suppressing its freedom, and your soul is crying for suffrage. Your soul has declared war. 

To have faith in the soul is to allow it freedom. To live. To experience. To thrive. Through hell and back. To capture not the soul itself but the essence of its beauty and set it free to do what it does best – LOVE. To let it swim the oceans deep with the sharks and dolphins, to fight unabated through storms, to allow the downpours that drench the soul to the brittle, shivering bones. And get back up to warm in the sun, only to do it all over again. This is the soul’s purpose: to ride the seasons of eternity like spring reaches for the enchantment of summer only to fall to the decay of winter; To live as only Mother Nature could – in harmony with a divine pattern.

Rest now. The war is over. Give in to the current that your soul longs to flow with. Find the channel, and let your soul flow with ease. Let the oceans consume it. For deep within the oceans’ depths is Mother Earth’s heart and her infinite wisdom. Allow your soul to swim and dance and ride the waves as it was meant to, skipping over the undertow, balancing, step by step, high upon the rail, sights on the horizon. Always safe. Always loved. Always in harmony with spirit and Mother Nature. As Spirit intended. 

To be limited by fear is to see no pattern of truth beyond the entwining of raw sinew created by your history of repressed expression. To be expanded by truth is to relax into life and her natural flow. To be awake to your own truth is to recognize that your soul’s beauty is mirrored in every single life force around you – strong, weak, brave, cowardly, passionate, creative, unfortunate, and life-affirming. To LIVE in that truth is to bear no shame in expressing your soul’s unique voice as it speaks its wisdom of the ages, like nature has done for thousand of years without regret. 

Stand not within the circle of limitations. Branch out to reach your soul’s potential, for to forfeit that divine right is to send a message to the world that our hearts beat alone and without truth and wisdom. Go beyond the stillness of your heart and see that your potential is beyond your wildest expectations. For You are Love. 


Dana Anne Hutchins is a spiritual teacher, writer and shaman who integrates earth-based spirituality with the power of the angels to bring combined wisdom of the next generation of soul dimension. Dana, with her partner, Archangel Michael, leads her students down a path of spiritual growth into a divine earthly being of great wisdom and creative power. She works with individuals who are seeking limitless expansion of the soul and who desire freedom to lead a life of rich expression. Dana mentors her students and provides expansive healing services through her mentoring and shamanic pathwork programs. Dana shares her life with her Twin Soul, four dogs, and family in a simple, creative and abundant life. You can contact Dana at


Beginning To Understand the Soul

The soul exists as part of a larger, interconnected dimension, which, belonging to an entire pattern of interconnected dimensions, makes up the world as we see and yet don’t see it. To exist in our own little world without tangible proof of other aspects of the larger world can mean to deny a fundamental truth of harmonious existence between the earth and the powerful presence of things yet to be discovered, things that mirror our natural world in spirit.


The soul, on its own, exists without any ties to the physical world. But as human beings carrying this soul, we are tied to a physical plane that we often resist. We resist when we agonize over every experience we find uncomfortable or unnerving. We create anxiety over that which we have no control. This is what we call “human nature,” and yet what is it to be “human”?


To be a human being with a thriving spiritual soul seems like a dichotomy, for how can one exist on the physical plane with all of its primal needs for things that ultimately cause us worry – things like food, shelter, clothing. Cars. Television. Diets. – yet still exist on a spiritual plane where one is free from the confines and limitations of such earthly woes. How do you shave your legs and elevate your spirit at the same time? The answer is: you don’t.


To be connected with Spirit or God or the Universe before you go to bed, but not while brushing your teeth, and during church service, but not in between soccer matches, is to assume that the soul takes a break from its “interconnectedness” from the larger pattern of interconnected dimensions like it’s using up PTO time from work, and once you run out of paid vacation, you’re stuck with making excuses for why you need to stay at work instead of focusing on your personal life. Because a personal, spiritual life is “Too Hard.” That’s right – it’s TOO HARD.


The difficulty one faces in “working on yourself” and your spirituality is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment by criminal society. It’s worse than watching reality TV and pretending to like it. Which is why most people secretly watch reality TV and pretend to like it. To work on yourself and your soul’s innermost needs for harmony and balance is only difficult because it seems to be a time in which you separate yourself from “the real world” with the assumption that once you cease your meditation or your yoga or finish that last self-help book that you will look back at all that mumbo-jumbo and think, “I can’t exist that way every day. I am a human being.”


As a human being – a divine, powerful, creative human being – you are every much a part of the spiritual process of BEING a human being, already existing in a physical world that is deeply and wholly integrated with a spiritual dimension that you simply cannot see or touch with human senses. Your “spiritual sense” of yourself is just as much a physical reality as any of your other biological senses.


To exist in a spiritual and physical world as a human being is to relate to the world around you with the perception of your soul. And what is your soul but a light, energetic body that is interconnected with every other person and every other plant and tree and animal on the earth. Step into it. Get off your yoga mat, rise up from your meditation cushion, put down your spiritual self-help book and go into the real world.


I want you to do something: I want you to walk outside. Observe the air, the earth, the passion around you and the emotions within you. You have now experienced all earthly and spiritual senses needed to live an impassioned spiritual life.


Your soul, interconnected with universal spiritual wisdom and its twin manifested in Mother Earth, resides within a physical body that was designed to express and grow with the patterns of life like the seasons of the planet.  With each step we take further into the real world, we become as light as the air, as solid as the earth, as resilient and enlivened as the spark of fire, and as peaceful in her serenity as the wise mother ocean.  We begin to understand what it means to be a soul.



There is a rhythm, even in the wildness of life. There is a mystery in the substance. There are no boundaries, only natural laws. We are natural explorers of this primal world. The fire in our bellies whips and ignites, lashing out in fury. It is a passion for creation, to dig deep into the soul of Mother Earth and pull something from her womb that is magnanimous and glorious. The fusion of our ideas with our actions and the repression of that need to stoke our natural wild fire is the ultimate torment. The ebb and flow of passion and repression is an energetic dichotomy that creates an intensity of fury that, once released, can either transform or torment our souls. What choice do we have but to life in harmony with the wildness of life? To seek and embrace creativity every moment of every day is our natural right as wild human beings. To drown in artistic expression is to drink from the fountain of immortality, for it encompasses the goals of every spiritual pursuit: To live as a divine, expressive, magical, joyous, passionate soul in union with the most wholesome spiritual field of knowing beyond our state of awareness.