The Other

I watched her,
The way she faced the world.

I admired her courage.
When my own was fleeting.

The way she never gave up
When the weight of one more step crippled me.

I saw her smiling through circumstances
as I buried my rage in my pillow.

Sh lived fully, seeing joy in the simplest of things,
When I struggled to find meaning.

Her wisdom and grace shone like a beacon
While self doubt plagued me.

Her heart was big and open-
When mine was shut down and afraid.

She laughed every day – hard and often
While ️tears etched slowly down my cheeks.

She forgave freely and hugged often
While I struggled with resentments.

She embraced her whole self, loving every crack and imperfection.
While I condemned my flaws and mistakes.

She was everything WOMAN: blazing passion, stoking the flames of nourishing empathy 
While I wandered in the desert of lack.

She is everything I want to be.
This woman, who is she?

I stare ahead of me,
At this woman in the mirror I see.
And realize that she is me.
And I soar and grow,
In spite of, and because of, me.