Contacting our Spirit Guides

Contacting Our Spirit Guides

The chances are that if you are a follower / writer for Spiritual writers’ Network, that you are interested in Spirituality and you may have even had some mediumship readings in the past.
During mediumship readings, your reader may have mentioned their Spiritual guide to you, and you merely nodded but were really not sure what/ who a Spiritual is?
What are Spirit Guides?
Spirit Guides are incorporeal beings who have been assigned to us before we are born in order to help , guide and support us through our lives here on the Earth plane.
It is said that from just before we agree to be conceived to be born on Earth, we sign a contract with our Highest Being , where we agree to learn certain lessons on the Earth Plane. Our Spirit Guides are then assigned to us in order to help and support us as we learn these lessons throughout our journey on Earth.
Spirit Guides exist mainly in Spirit, energy, or as light beings, whichever term you prefer to use. They are not visible in the way a human body is visible, but that does not mean that they are not there.
Your Spirit Guide may introduce them-selves to you as a former Ascended Master, for instance, Jesus. Or they could be a person who has lived in former lifetimes, and after having paid their karmic debt, they have advanced beyond a need to reincarnate, and who now exist to guide us mortal beings. When I began my Spiritual journey in earnest just over eight years ago, my first Spirit guide was a monk named Joe, and he came to me during a very troublesome period of my life in order to make me smile and laugh.
When we become aware of our Spirit Guides, and as our connection with them grows stronger, we learn to recognise the different ways in which they communicate with us. They are always there, willing to nudge us in the right direction, for our highest good, but we need to learn to listen to their subtle messages and signs of help and guidance.
How do I contact my Spirit Guides?
The best way to begin to meet your Spirit Guides is through meditation. Please do not get disheartened if you do not see/ feel/ or hear your Spirit Guides during your first meditation, for it takes time and a lot of practice in order to do this.
Meeting your Spirit Guide is a journey, and as you become more proficient at meditation, this will open you up further to Spirit’s energy, making your connection with them stronger.
Spirit are very well versed with working with us mere mortals. They understand that if they were to introduce themselves fully and properly, and tell us all about themselves during the first meeting, especially when we are not yet used to their energies, that this may frighten us. Spirit’s energy is very powerful and we need to work with it gradually, so all we need is patience, and to set aside some time in our busy lives to make a conscious effort to connect with them.

A Simple Meditation Guide to Contact your Spirit Guide
As mentioned before, the easiest and best way to begin to contact your Spirit Guides is through meditation.
Now, meditation does not require super human powers or even magical powers, it is just another way of relaxing and letting your mind wander. If you think you have never meditated before, I bet I could disagree with you and say, that, yes, you actually have, but you were unaware of what you were doing!
Have you ever found yourself just looking out of the window on a grey , cold day, and wishing you were lying, basking yourself on a lovely sandy beach, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin? You can feel the warmth of the sun, sinking deep into your body, warming your very bones. You can smell your sun lotion as you rub some onto your skin to protect yourself from burning, and you can hear the seagulls as they squawk overhead, searching for food. You can hear children playing, and splashing happily in the sea, as they laugh when the waves lightly roll over their young, chubby feet? All these images begin to play themselves in your mind, and you can “see” them playout in your mind’s eye?
You may even have been called a “daydreamer” at school, as you would find yourself staring out the window and imagining yourself anywhere but in the boring Math class, discussing trigonometry.
These kind of mind wanderings are basically a form of meditation, a way of escaping the boring banality of everyday life, and searching for something that brings more fulfilment.
Through meditation you can do this. You can contact your Spirit Guides and ask them what they want you to know.
Through meditation, you can talk to your Spirit guides about your worries, and ask them to help you to solve any problems.
Through meditation you can gain clarity of mind, and an empowerment to help improve your life.
Here are simple steps to help you to begin. In time, you will find your own way of preparing your mind for meditation, and that is exactly as it should be, for it is then that you are listening well to your Spirit Guides.
Firstly, find a quiet room or place where you know you will not be disturbed. Put on some soothing music, if you like, and perhaps light a few candles. You may also prefer to dress in something loose and unrestrictive. It is entirely up to you.
1. Sit upright with your eyes closed, feet flat on the floor.
2. Imagine roots growing out from your feet, going down into the earth. This will help to “ground” you.
3. Imagine yourself surrounded in a bright, white, light, and ask for only love and light to surround you.
4. Breathe in deeply, and let it out slowly. Continue to breathe in through the nose, out gently through the mouth. Pay particular attention to your beathing for a few minutes.
5. Now you can begin to ask your spirit guides to introduce themselves to you.
6. Quieten your mind, keep still, and just “watch” any images that appear in your mind’s eye. You may see colours ebbing and flowing, you may see sparks of light. You may even feel a gentle touch, or nudge on your body.

As you sit and concentrate on your breathing, you may also like to imagine breathing in the white light on the “in” breath, and on the “out” breath, see yourself as getting rid of any dullness. By doing this, you are filling your body with the white light, which helps to raise your vibration.
As Earthly beings we live on the Earth plane, which has a much lower vibrational frequency than the Spirit plane. In order for our Spirit Guides to work with us, they need to lower themselves towards our frequency, which takes up a lot of their energy. We can enable ourselves to connect better with our Sprit Guides by attempting to raise our vibration if we perform the above exercise.
Just try to concentrate on being in the moment, and enjoying any sensations you feel. I often just feel a lot of love and peace.
You do not need to speak to your Spirit Guide in any special way. You can just speak to them in the same manner as you would speak to your best friend. Well, that’s what they are !

Aim for your first meditation to last no longer than ten minutes.
When you feel you have finished, thank your guides for being with you, and ask them to help you “shut down”. Imagine that the white light has disappeared, and that the roots from your feet are coming back up through the floor. Move your feet gently, and open your eyes. Give yourself a few minutes to come back into the room.
When you build your connection with your Spirit Guides , you will soon understand the different ways in which they will guide you on a daily basis.
Some of your Guides will stay with you throughout your life, and some will come and go to help you with certain aspects of it. As I mentioned before, the first one I met was a very funny monk called Joe, who was there to help me smile and laugh again after a period of bereavement.
Your Spirit Guides work with your energy, and when it is time to help you, they tune into your energy, and the right Guide for the job begins to work with you.

How our Guides Help
Your guides will arrange for synchronicities to help alert you to something which they think you should know, or something that may help you. They will send you repeated signs, until you get the message! For instance, while I was going through my divorce, I was very worried about the future, I asked my guides to help me , and for the next few days, I used to hear songs on the radio telling me “ Don’t worry, ‘bout a thing, for every little thing, is gonna be alright”- the particular radio station I listened to at the time was celebrating a Bob Marley day, and this tune played at least 4 times that day! Then while I was driving about, I noticed particular advertisements with the same “ Don’t Worry” message, and a van drove past me, advertising Angel water! This all helped me to feel much calmer.
Gut Feelings
Your guides will poke you right in the gut when you are experiencing something which does not sit well with you. You may try to brush it aside thinking that it’s nothing. For instance, with regards to dating someone, your head may tell you that they are lovely, just perfect for you, but then your guides poke you in the gut. They are alerting you to take care, take your time when deciding if this person is for you , or not. If it doesn’t “feel” right, chances are, it isn’t. Do not be afraid to listen to your gut instinct, your Guides know more about people/ and situations well in advance, and are in the position to forewarn you. Forewarned, is forearmed !
I believe that your gut instinct and your intuition work well together. If something doesn’t feel right, and you ignore this feeling, your intuition will step in and warn you about something that is about to happen. For instance, you may hear a voice tell you “ he’s cheating on you”, after you have had a “feeling” that your guy is up to no good, but you ignore it, and you hear the voice a few days later.
Or your intuition may just be advising you to get your business affairs in order. For instance, one of my friends, a few years ago, ran a fish and chip shop with his wife. He said that one evening as he was settling that day’s takings, he heard a voice telling him “ the VAT man is coming”. He said that the very next day, he sorted out his VAT, and he was glad, because by the end of the week, he received a letter from the VAT agency !
Sending people into your life
Have you ever found yourself thinking about a certain person, and then, wham! You bump into them into the supermarket, or your receive a text/ phone call/ FB message from them? Sometimes we have unfinished business with people from our past, and our Guides decide to send them to us again, to give us the opportunity to sort things out with them. For instance, just last week, I was thinking about someone I used to be friends with, our sons were at primary school together, but the lady and I had a misunderstanding, and we went our separate ways. Then, lo and behold, I bumped into this lady in town, and we started chatting just like we used to do, our argument clearly forgotten. It was good to tie up loose ends.
These are just a few ways in which your Guides can work with you. Always remember that they are close by, willing to help and guide you as you live your life here on the Earth plane. It’s all about the relationship you build up with them, and when you ask for their help, watch out for those signs!


The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

This is the story about the year I’ve had
About the life I have lived
With a guy who turned bad

A wolf in sheep’s clothing
Is how I would describe him
Luring you in with his smile
But life with him was grim

A chance meeting in the supermarket
At the beginning of the year
We chatted on social media
His interest in me was clear

I was at my most vulnerable
And lonely, I now know
Quite happy to get hooked in
As his interest, it did grow.

A few months down the line
When he suggested we move in
My son and I were in total agreement
Nodding happily, with a grin

A few months later
Boy, did I seriously begin to regret
As it became very obvious
That our needs would never be met

“I am not putting the heating on
You can buy your own food
I am doing you a favour
So, you had better be good”

Nights spent crying
Praying for help
“ Get me out of here, please, Angels!”
I cried with a yelp!

So, the opportunity came
A few weeks ago
“I’m not happy”, I said
“ So, I am going to go”

We have found a lovely house
Just me and my son
I am looking forward to Christmas now
Knowing that soon
I will be gone

So, thank you, my Angels
You are always there for me
And as a huge thank you
You will be at the top of my tree!

Bernadette is a Spiritualist/medium but even she doesn’t see everything that will happen to her! Bernadette is the mother of Adrian, her “quirky” son, who lives very happily, with Autism. As well as devoting her life to making sure her son is happy, Bernadette also loves to write (most often the next article or chapter is written in her head while she is out jogging), read, dancing like no one is watching and listening to music and spending time with her great friends.
Bernadette has written a book, entitled Hello, It’s Only Me! . She is also in the middle of writing, not one, but two others: a chick lit book, and a book dedicated to her son.
She is waiting for guidance on the right time to bring these books into the public domain.


Angelic Signs

Angelic Signs


Feathers! Feathers! Everywhere!

And not a bird to be found…,

It is our “calling card” for you, dear one,

Proof, that we are around.


Sometimes we like to ring the changes,

Just to keep you on your toes,

You may start to find coins down the backs of chairs,

Among the cushions and the throws!


Failing that, we know that if you’re not looking,

Our signs can be easy to miss,

Therefore: those times you feel raindrops on

Your face?

And the sky is clear?

That is what you call an Angel’s Kiss.


Rainbows are another favourite, too,

You may see more of them when you are feeling blue.

They are the bridge that links our world with yours,

We kid you not, that much is true.


You remember that childhood game

Of looking for shapes in the clouds?

What’s the betting you will begin to see

Us Angels, appearing large and proud.


Now, can you see?

We are with you every-day.

Just waiting for your call

To help you on your way.


©Bernadette Price 2013





It’s Cool to be Different

For nine long years I suspected that you were unique:

I ignored those who just said you were a geek,

Because I knew you were more special than most,

My heart went out to you,

Those times you appeared lost

In your own world.


You came into my life my perfect little boy

Cute as a button, “playful” as a toy

And I knew the day you were born

Nothing would destroy

My love for you


Everything seemed okay at first,

I felt so blessed that you had not been “cursed”

With some dreadful illness.


But when you turned two,

I noticed the difference between you

 And the other children


You didn’t join in any of the games they played:

All alone in your own little world you stayed.

Although you did seem happy

I knew deep down there was something not right

With my little chappy



Birthday parties you didn’t like to attend,

I would ask, but you’d beg me not to send


The noise, you see, really hurt your poor ears

When it was very loud, you would end up in tears


You enjoyed the structure of lessons in school

But during playtime, no-one thought you were cool

Enough for them.

You didn’t seem to mind

To be left on your own

As I have already mentioned

It is how  you prefer to be left:



You loved lining up books in your room,

One by one

They lay neatly in line, and

When you showed me this one day

I was instantly filled with a gloom.


I knew what was wrong with my darling son

No interaction with others;

All childlike chatter had gone;

The times spent alone;

No imaginative play,

I knew it was Autism,

And it was here to stay.


It hasn’t been that noticeable at all:

Thankfully, it is not the worst

Case of it

But when I recognised it for what it was

I felt my heart would split


“High- functioning”  is the term, you see

And while that doesn’t  exactly fill my heart with glee

I know that there is a chance for you

To lead an independent life

So I refuse to be “blue”


You’re still my lovely gentle boy

I wouldn’t have it any other way

I will love you forever, son

To the end of my day.


© Bernadette Price 2013




The Black Cloud Copyright (c) 2013 Bernadette Price

This poem chronicles my journey through post natal depression which remained with me for three years after my dear son Ade was born. It is designed to serve as a healing poem for those women who have suffered this awful illness and as a means to show them that it really DOES go away with time. Boom! Boom! Boom! was the beat of your heart From that day onwards I didn’t want to part from you, dear child I remember that wonderful Winter’s morn When I realised that you, dear son Were to be born So, a Summer’s child you did appear Your Dad and I, grinning from ear to ear You certainly were worth the nine months’ wait I didn’t even mind when you kept me up late! Until one day when three weeks had gone I awoke one morning and thought ” What’s wrong?” “My child is happy and healthy He is calm and mild So, why then do I feel so dead inside?” I fed you, I rocked you I held you tight But this awful feeling I had would not go Try as I might The doctors they said it can take some time To form a maternal bond Even with a child of which you are so fond I watched you grow and I watched you play I loved you very much Although my nerves, they were affray You took your first steps I enjoyed buying the shoes But that Black Cloud was still above me Why? I hadn’t a clue Your second birthday was hot and sunny I cherish the memories You were so funny As you blew the candles out On your cake, dear sonny You were an absolute delight to raise I really can’t deny But the Black Cloud still hung over me And all I could do was sigh Then one morning when you were three, and I still had not a clue You turned to me and smiled your smile And said, ” Mummy, I love you” Well son, you really did save me that day And every day since The Black Cloud, I am happy to say That it lifted straight away To this day, I still don’t have a clue Why the Black Cloud came to visit me But son, let me tell you this: ” I love you too”


A Hug from Archangel Michael

A Hug from Archangel Michael



“Here we go again,” I yawned,

I woke early that morning,

Waking with the dawn.

Exhausted from worry, I couldn’t sleep

Yearning for a sweet release, so deep.


It was Summer 2009,

When all the worries weren’t just mine

And my then husband’s.

The recession had hit the world so hard

People were relying on paying their bills

By credit card.


I was alone in bed,

Cocooned in a bubble.

No work for Derek: so, fishing he’d gone

To take his mind of the trouble.


Dozing off, I heard a whirr,

It was quite loud:

It caused me to stir

In my bed.


The breeze on my forehead was cool and welcome

I briefly thought Derek had arrived home.

The breeze grew stronger, then

The flapping of wings:

Unafraid, I wondered

“What does this presence bring?”


I saw the Angel by my bed, then

As he climbed in beside me, he said’

“Everything will be alright, dear one,

Remember , you are never alone”.


Then as he enveloped me in his wings to hug

I had never ever felt so warm and snug.

Archangel Michael, my Protector and Guide

I pray that you may always be by my side.



© 2013 Bernadette Price


Grateful Me

All this talk of Abundance and the Law of Attraction

Has most people think it’s only about wealth

And they sigh and say,

“ If I’d only a fraction

Of what the rich and famous have ,

I would be more cheery and inclined to laugh……”



Oh, I know that we all have bills to pay

And sometimes it’s a struggle to get through the day

When the cupboards are empty

And you have mouths to feed,

The fireplace is bare: there’s no coal anywhere

Believe me, I know how you feel.


There are times I pay out more than I have coming in

I see the rich in the media and sometimes think it’s a sin

That they don’t see the fortunate position they are in


With all of their wealth and the power that they yield,

You would think that against life’s misfortunes they carry a shield,

But all I see are some Miserable Stars

As they stumble through life wallowing in self -pity and

Brandishing their Life’s Scars


“ Your health is your wealth”, as Dad’s saying goes

And I recalled it one morning , as I got out of bed , and

Wriggled my toes


But then I got stuck in traffic whilst on the school run

And I sighed to myself and remembered

The tedious jobs still to be done.


Then ,I looked out of the window and up to the sky, and

A wondrous sight was quick to catch my eye

For there, up above, for all to see

Was the most glorious of “ Angel Clouds”, floating above me


I felt ashamed as I thought,

“ I have no need to complain, nor should I treat my life with disdain,

My health is definitely my wealth”.


You see, the healthy often take their good health for granted

But I sometimes hear from others, that

That is all they have ever wanted.


No, I may not have millions of pounds in the bank

But now, I wake in the morning and I thank The Universe for all the good in my life

Even trying to be thankful in times of strife


This poem is dedicated to my late father, Thomas Mc Donald. He endured about 25 years of ill health, which began when he had his first heart attack aged 49. During all that time, and as his health deteriorated due to further unrelated health complications, during all the hospital stays, the tests, the operations, the doctors’ visits, and the sheer upset and frustration of it all, he continued to make it his mission to enjoy life. Although at times his ill health got him down, he would pick himself up again, and get on with living. Because of this, he remains my inspiration. Thomas Mc Donald 9th June 1932- 21st October 2006 “Your health is your wealth”


Angel, My Angel

It was almost twenty years ago that

I was so down and desolate

I felt trapped in an abusive relationship

At times I felt very desperate

For freedom


The early days were carefree and fun

He really was a tonic

Which helped me to feel confident and calm

I sat and passed my finals without panic


However, over the course of three years

His personality changed

He became like Jekyll and Hyde

The memories of that awful night he attacked me, remain with me

That night, I almost died

“ Sorry”, he said as he cried


But the abuse , the put-downs, the jeerings and the cruelty continued

Each day I would wake, not sure of his mood

So disrespectful towards women,

His comments often lewd and crude.


One day I recall, I had had just enough

I took some vodka and pills

This for me,

Was really not a bluff


After unscrewing the bottle and reaching for the pills

I was looking forward to sweet oblivion

The end to all my ills


Then all of a sudden, I heard a voice shout:

“Put down that bottle, young lady,

You’re not too old for a clout!”


It was Granny Minnie, who’d passed the year before:

Such a shock, did I get on hearing her voice,

The bottle slipped from my grasp

And fell to the floor!


My Angel saved my life that day

My Tormentor was not worth it

I soon gained the strength, with her help, to walk away

Thanks to My Angel, I finally did it!



© 2013 Bernadette Price


A Father’s Day Poem

A Father’s Day Poem I looked at your photo on my mantelpiece today I really could have cried Another Father’s Day without you here On Earth But I know you are still by my side I often feel your presence in the room It really helps to lift the gloom As I remember that day, I still remain broken hearted I felt really guilty as I was too late: You had already departed Seeing you lie there so peaceful and still It was hard to imagine that I never will See you in the flesh again wholly Although I sense your Spirit very near It can sometimes be hard to bear The lack of your physical body But I know I was one of the lucky ones To have a lovely Dad like you Your Spirit lives on through your children and grandchildren alike That much is very true I know you had to leave this world That your work here was finished and done So, I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day A warm embrace from myself and your grandson


My Law of Attraction

My Law of Attraction “The Law of Attraction”. It seems that wherever you go in this business, you will come across the buzz phrase of The Law of Attraction on numerous occasions. There are those who firmly believe in it , and are quite Evangelical about it, having written great big thick books on the subject and how we should spend X amount of time every day practising it, and those who think it’s all a load of hocus pocus rubbish. Then there are those who think that it is difficult or time consuming to actually put into practise but would like to do it, but “never seem to have the time”. Well, I am up there with those who believe in it totally, but unlike them, I don’t think it does nor should take up a lot of your time and effort. You see, what most of us don’t realise is that we do it ALL the time, unconsciously. You only have to think a fleeting thought, good or bad, and BAM! , you have instinctively asked for it to enter your life. An example of this would be: a friend of yours has invited you out for a drink to meet her other friends. You panic, thinking “Oh no, they won’t like me, they’ll think I’m boring etc. etc.” So of course, you arrive for the said drink and you are so nervous that you are behaving out of character, and the night is less than a success. Why not train yourself to think of it as a positive: “Great! It would be nice to make some new friends……” You will be pleasantly surprised at what the outcome may be. You see, it’s all about thinking positively and visualising a happy outcome, but not to hold onto it either, nor worry about how it will come about. Here are two of my own experiences where the Law of Attraction really did work for me in a very positive way: During the Summer of 2011 I was going through my divorce, and among most things to consider was where I was going to live with my son after the finances were settled. There was a lovely village a few miles from the family home where I had wanted to move to some years back, but my ex-husband didn’t want to. Anyway, I found myself often driving around the village dreaming of seeing “the house” that I knew would be mine and my son’s home. Adrian would ask “Mum , why are we driving through here?” To which I would reply “ Because we are moving to this village next year”. In my mind’s eye I saw us settled in our little home with the brick fireplace and the cream coloured walls. Then one day, a couple of months before the divorce was finalised, I was driving down the main road of the village when I saw “our house” and it was up for rent! I parked outside just looking at it and said to Adrian “ there’s our house”, and while I said it, I also saw that it would already be rented out by the time the divorce was through. Sure enough, a couple of weeks later while I was driving past the house again I noticed a “Let” sign outside the property. “Oh, well” I thought, but the image of myself and Adrian living there never left me. Well, six weeks later I was in a position to look for a property to rent, and again I drove through the village, and I was elated to notice that the property was back on the rental market! I immediately rang the agent for an appointment to view the property. I was so excited….. it looked perfect from outside with its little cottage garden . The morning of the appointment, I arrived at the house to wait for the letting agent to show us round, and as I stopped by the front door, I turned to look round the garden, and there, frozen into the ground was the most perfect little white feather! Well, I just KNEW that was a sign from my Angels that this house was for me after all! And when I managed to catch a glimpse through the blinds into the living room of the house I saw the brick fireplace and the cream coloured walls…………………. Of course, needless to say, I loved it on sight, and so did Adrian, and we moved in a couple of weeks later! The second was how I manifested my ideal relationship through the Law of Attraction. So, there I was, settling into my new home, and I put the thought out, for fun, really, about meeting a handsome neighbour and dating him. I noticed him a couple of days later as I was looking through my bedroom window which overlooks the back of the houses where the residents park their vehicles, getting into his car.I thought he looked really nice, but thought no more of it. As time went by, we eventually exchanged pleasantries if our paths crossed, and introduced ourselves. From then, I just kept him in my eye line, enjoying the view! A few months later, I began dating someone, who, as it turned out, was a friend of my neighbour Dave’s sons. So, it broke the ice really, and I would find myself chatting to him at the local pub when I saw him out. During the time I was dating this other guy, I realised that I didn’t want it to be a long term relationship due in part to his rather complicated family issues. I really did not want to get involved in that, as the way I saw it, I got divorced to make a new uncomplicated life for myself. I soon broke it off with this other guy, and I would still see Dave out and about. By this time I already “knew” that we would date, and I didn’t “ hold” on to the thought too much. I seemed to visualise him asking me out, and then the thought would go. New Year’s Eve that year was very interesting as things quickly began to unfold. Dave and I spent a very pleasant evening in the local getting to know each other, and he even walked me to my door- unusual for most guys. We had exchanged numbers during the course of the evening, after he asked me if I’d like to go running with him, as he had noticed that I enjoyed it. Well, we began running together and the rest, as they say is history! This all took place over the course of a year, but it was well worth the wait. In fact, I believe I have been waiting for him for over twenty years! So, you see, I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. I believe that what we put out there, we will attract. The key to manifesting is to visualise what you want, imagine yourself smiling as you receive it, and then simply let the thought go. Do not hold onto the thought, or worry about how you are going to achieve your desire. Simply see yourself receiving it, smiling and feeling happy as you do. The rest will follow. There is also no rush at all, as things happen through Divine Timing. I believe that I was meant to date the unsuitable guy before Dave, as neither of us were ready for a relationship with each other at that point in time. Now I am busy manifesting a successful writing career, a happy family life, in fact, abundance in all its forms, plus the good health for everyone to enjoy it. There are , of course, some challenges to overcome, but I don’t focus my energies on them, for I believe that if you do, they simply grow tenfold. No, I am focusing my thoughts and energies on the positives, asking for guidance and help to get through the not so positive times, and I remain firm in my belief that those challenges will gradually dissipate. © 2013 Bernadette Price