The world, universum and life

The world is a place to explore more life and prosperity in all hypermolicule items. The face of the earth is renewable by our childeren and to produce more happyness. We all stand for a big responsability to emporement of new Social idiologics. The first smart thing to do is to release ourself from individalic problems and solve them together with help by our heart and mind and power with the true self. One is not stronger then many, one is in many and shall not be seperated. Like the wind You can't see it but you feel and know it is there. Cristal clear your mind is a ocean where the waves are thoughs and ideas are boats floating down the river. To channel this it's important to navigate this sea which  follows to finding your path. Storms can bring damage to the boats and set You off path it's called distraction.  Focus must be sharp like a sharks teeth complish this by being healthy and on target. After a storm water can be still and boring notherless this is the time to rebuild and target to get stronger as you focus on this one should feel more alife. 

The universe is a parallel of tricky new finetuning objects with colors and shapes. This can dissapear beyond the horizon of air and space. Many layers of wisdom and intellect can be stored behind time and expirence of the past, prediction of the future and the conversation of the now. Choises between good and bad can be made with the goal to explore to the innerself. Social behavior is determined to reactions, sharing, believe and opinions. Blur can come from social pressured people in the mind. Controle over matter and thoughts can only happen when losing the focus on reality. Balance between losing and holding the rope will give you the energy of the universum.

While we all strife for more enjoyment in life it's good to remember who we are in the first place. Don't seek outside but more inside, your soul will be fruthfull understanding this. Time can be to short to worry about things happen in the past or future problems, live life by the present time to become a human beeing instead of a human doing. Thinking is one of our senses not our heart, the heart is smarter than you think. Feelings comes from the heart not the brain. When you solve your own problems one should share these with others so they can learn from this. Love in the heart and peace in the mind is completion of finding joy.