I have felt a presence…. a friendly and helpful presence.

It was the May of 2005, me and my parents were having breakfast. Suddenly, my mom complained of breathing trouble and asked my dad to take her to the hospital. She fell unconscious on the way. The doctor told my dad that technically, she was dead. But, somehow, my dad was able to convince the doctor to try just one last time and make a last attempt at saving her life. The doctor injected several injections in my mother’s chest, after 30 minutes of being declared technically dead, my mom breathed. A long gasp it was. She was now, technically alive (all this was told to me by my father). My dad called me up and told me to reach the hospital as soon as possible. When I reached the hospital, my mom was lying in a semi-conscious state on the hospital bed, I became a little nervous and shaky on seeing her like that, as my mom has always been a strong woman, not only physically but mentally and spiritually and that is exactly what she has taught me to become in life…. strong! So, seeing her in that pathetic state sought of disturbed me too much, I had tears in my eyes. Then, my dad told me that the doctors had recommended to take her to a bigger hospital in the nearby city, the doc had called the other hospital in-charge and the staff was already informed that an emergency case was to be attended immedietly. My dad drove his car, and I sat with my mom in the ambulance, holding the oxygen cylinder between my knees as the base was too uneven and the cylinder was tilting here and there thus stretching the pipe attached to the oxygen mask my mom was wearing, so I had to hold the cylinder between my knees real tight as it was really heavy and in one hand I was holding the glucose pouch and with the other hand I was holding my mom’s shoulder as it was a rough and bumpy ride and we had a long way to go. My dad followed the ambulance. We reached the next hospital in about 30 minutes, thanks to the speedy ride and the cooperative traffic! My mom was immedietly admitted to the ICU, she was attended immedietly by the concerned doctor, and within one hour she regained full consciousness. And now, if you meet her, you will not beleive a word of this incident that I just shared with you, she is hail and hearty as always… God’s grace !

                                                   All the while me and my dad were running about trying to save my mom, I later realized that there was a presence that followed us, even my dad felt the same, although we were not travelling together at any point of time. I felt it when I was alone at home while dad had taken mom to the hospital near our house. I felt the same presence when I reached the hospital, and I was feeling it even more strongly when I was travelling with my mom in the ambulance, as if it was sitting right beside me. I even turned twice to see what it was, but that time my mind was too preoccupied with tension so I didn’t pay much heed. It was later, after a week or so of this incident that I realized the existence of an unseen but comforting presence. Was it God or an Angel, I do not know, but one thing I know for sure, it was something divine, something pure, and it was there to help, and it did help.