A blank canvas
Pure, untainted
Innocent, unknown
“What will I become?”

A needle and thread
Chosen, evaluated
Vibrant, precise
“Let us show you”

Color by color
Strand by strand
The changes gradual, yet vast
The final result known only to the hand

“This is strange and new to me,
I am afraid”
“Continue with us, as we guide
Fear not, for all will be well and bright”

Color by color
Strand by strand
A pattern takes shape
What is this new delight?

The last woven knot
Sealed in deft skill
“Our work is done
The purpose now clear”

Many bonded as one
Yet each their own
“You stayed with me all this time,
Grateful to you, I truly am

Because of you,
Bold and bright
Vibrant and strong
Is what I learned I truly am”