A cat in the pond

On a crisp May evening in 2003 (in the southern hemisphere), I was sat outside with my new oracle cards. Mum had given me and my sister a set each, as an Easter present. But when I was sitting there in the fresh breeze, I didn’t feel like reading them for some reason.

Despite the cold, the garden was alive with energy by the nature spirits. It was such a calm and relaxing feeling, which is the reason why I like being outside so much. The evening is the best time because the sun isn’t as high in the sky, and it’s also not as warm.

When I was communicating with the nature spirits, a few came right up to me and said ‘Close your eyes, we want to show you something’. As soon as I did this I got a pleasant surprise.

I was walking downhill in a meadow, towards a pond. When I reached this pond, I glanced down into the water to see my reflection; except that it wasn’t my own face, it was the face of a large grey cat that I had seen all my life. This cat told me that he was my Animal Spirit Guide, and his name was ‘Smoky’.

I know he was right next to me, giving me guidance for the rest of that night; because I felt extremely calm and relaxed without a worry in my mind. Only angels have ever made me feel this way.





‘Everything’s OK here. Don’t be scared’.

When I just started dreaming, I was scared about going to sleep. This was because I thought dreams were real and I thought I was being taken away from home.

But when I was three years old, I had a dream which helped me with those fears.

I was in an Edwardian dining room with oak panelled walls, and a group of people were sitting at the table. They were talking amongst themselves, and a few of them were smoking tobacco or playing card games. When I was accompanied to the table by the angel next to me, they said ‘Hello there little one. Would you like to sit with us?’. I started crying and said ‘No, I want to go home.’

At this point the angel said ‘Follow me over here’, and he took me into a small room to the side of the hall. There were no walls, ceiling or floor; just white mist. I was then told ‘Everything’s OK here. Don’t be scared. You’re just in bed, safe at home along with your Mum and sister’. There was something about that kind voice which enabled me to calm down in an instant. When I left this room, I walked back to the table and joined the people sitting there; who I found to be very nice people.