The Musings of Mew-Sing, the little Japanese Cat With ALL the answers!

Many moons ago i took a trip to Japan, to get to the heart of this country to clear my mind and find inner peace. Well, that was the intention. Instead, i found myself conversing with a multilingual, amazing, wise and learned beautiful cat!
Yes, you may think i’m crazy, but i happened upon this creature quite by accident…..( or maybe it wasn’t by accident, as they say everything happens for a reason.
This cat was dressed in a beautiful traditional silk Japanese kimono, and at first i thought it was a most unusual cat doll, until it stepped off the wall it was sitting on, and came up to me.
“I am Mew-Sing. Your name?”
My jaw nearly hit the floor. Was i hallucinating? Was i out in the mid-day sun too long? Well, no, because this was 4.30 pm as i checked my watch, and the day had been somewhat rainy.
” My name is Angel Fern” i replied, after regaining my composure.
” And you came here to meet me to ask me about the mysteries of life,” Mew Sing said.
” Well, no, not really…i didn’t expect to encounter a talking cat,” i spluttered…….
” But you did,” Mew-Sing continued…..” your subconscious mind led you here to me now at this time….”
There was no arguing with the little creature, who was now standing on her back legs, with her front paws crossed in front of her chest, eyeing me thoughtfully.
I have to admit, she had a certain something about her, as she was waiting for me to ask questions about the ” mysteries of life” as she so sweetly put it. But what to ask? Where to begin? As i looked at this beautiful seal point Siamese cat in her perfectly fitting kimono, a question began to form in my mind and on my lips…
“Why are you dressed in a kimono?”
“What a ridiculous question! I am a Japanese cat! I would hardly be wearing a Scotsman’s kilt now, would i?” She replied with great annoyance, and a good deal of tail swishing began in earnest. Poor Earnest, he does suffer.
I just noticed that the duck egg blue in her kimono matched exactly the colour of her eyes, and something inside me was telling me this little creature really does have all the answers to life’s questions.
“Ok, i have a question,” i said to Mew-Sing, “why are we all here on planet earth now?”
“That’s easy,” Mew-Sing replied….”It’s to love and be loved. That’s rule number 1, or state of being number 1. Rule number 2, or state of being number 2 is ALWAYS BE KIND TO CATS, AND CATS WILL ALWAYS BE KIND TO YOU!”
I was about to ask what that last bit meant, when she began speaking again, and said very pointedly at me, “You know, the whole world is ruled by cats, don’t you?”
Well, no, i didn’t know that, didn’t understand how that could ever be possible.
” Mew-Sing,” i asked, “Why is there so much violence and hatred in the world?”
She began to look annoyed again, and the tail swishing increased in pace.
” Because people are not listening to their inner cat speaking to them!”
Inner cat…..i was starting to understand now, i think. We look like humans, but inside each human is an inner cat waiting to emerge and bring forth it’s innate wisdom to soak into the human psyche. Is that it? Mew-Sing smiled at me, she was reading my mind now……”You are understanding now, human!” she said happily….( as much as you can tell when cats are happy) “That is why i am saying the world is ruled by cats. Do you see what i mean?”
Now i did, i really did. Mew-Sing was musing now, with her philosophical head on. ” You see, for many years, you humans have thought yourselves superior to all other living creatures on earth, sea and air. That is your biggest mistake. You must know that we are all one consciousness, and need to trust in the universe, to let your inner vision and intuition shine forth, and most importantly UNLEASH YOUR INNER CAT!!!”
Dear little cat, punching the air with her front paw as she made her last point was so endearing, i stroked her silky soft fur gently on her head. She purred at me and said it was her nap time coming on.
” Now, human, you have all the information you need from me to spread the word about human beings trusting in the universe, and learning to release their inner cat. You must tell as many people as you can, then mankind will learn compassion, wisdom and learn to chew catnip.”
Well, i don’t expect many people will take heed of that last bit, but i took my leave of my newest, dearest little feline friend, Mew-Sing, saw her saunter away and vanish into a gap in a wall and that was that. My encounter was over, but the memory of that wonderful day will stay with me forever.