Mystical Evening

25th June, 2013


The dusk invokes

Dusky clouds, purplish in shade

Mauve ash coloured

Having burnt by the dying sun’s flame

That will rise again

Like a phoenix from its ashes.


In these thick thick clouds of layers enormous

There is a sanguine beauty

That evokes memories of loss and of happiness

There is bewilderment

To be happy or joyful!

These clouds intense

Penetrate and pierce fragments of one’s core

There is a sudden release of emotions

Tears of ecstasy trickle down;


Above the mighty mountains of immense beauty

Twilight lies spread out

Which lasts longer than usual today

Its memory is perched within you forever

Like a precious stone lies in a safe

Which when glimpsed from time to time

Brings an ecstasy

There material, here sublime

Precious stones can be battered,

can be stolen

This twilight, this dusk

Is a memory which cannot be thrust away

This cannot be taken away from me

For it lies in my core

Which may live on beyond this life,

And in my other births

I may glimpse again at the mauve clouds

Heavily pregnant and say

Oh this reminds me of my previous birth!


I, having died, having burnt

Consumed to dust

Would have been a phoenix

Standing there gazing

In spite of the ashes


That were swept away by the waters and air.