The Unnamed Lyrics

Till the esoteric dimension isn't understood

one will remain deprived of servanthood

Till the veils are not lifted

one is ignorant no matter how gifted

Till the Listener is not flattered

one's prayers are not answered

Till one doesn't feel a Divine Presence

one's religiosity is devoid of essence

Till all the faults, one doesn't admit

one's worship is a body without spirit

Till all doors aren't knocked

one's ascent is blocked

Till the thorns aren't felt like roses

one cannot claim to experience gnosis

Till intellect is not negated

one's humility is over-rated

Till logic isn't unseated

one's faith isn't completed

Till pride isn't spilled from above

one's heart isn't filled with love

Till the path is traveled without a master

one cannot be labelled as a traveler

Till one's worth is reckoned significant

one's progress will stay stagnant

Till other's aren't seen as superior

one is denied freedom from anger

Till one's own caliber is the reliance

one isn't granted the trait of silence

Till there is no shattering of ego

one's passions, one can't forego

Till the higher consciousness isn't awakened

one's self is a symbol of being decadent

Till one is deaf to the beat of this world's drum

one continues to be endowed with pearls of wisdom!