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Our online community was formed in 2012 by Founder, Shanda Trofe. The site was softly launched, and within a few short months we had over 1ooo registered writers sharing on our network. That’s when we knew there was a calling for this type of platform, so we began looking for ways to expand the reach for our writers. To date, many of our writers have been featured on radio shows, podcasts, and published in multi-author compilation books, eBooks and magazines.

Our mission is to showcase the talent within our spiritual community. By sharing your short stories, book excerpts and poems here  you have the opportunity to touch lives, help others and raise the world’s vibration through love and inspiration.



To feature your writing on this site, please REGISTER and create a free PROFILE.  You may add a bio, picture, link to your website, blog or any published work you would like to showcase.

Once you are registered, select ADD NEW ARTICLE under the USER MENU.  Add your submission (with a  title), and then select the proper category for your submission. Please only select ONE or TWO  categories that best describe your submission. You may also add a photo or graphic along with your submission. When you are ready, click PUBLISH.

Your submission will then appear under the chosen categories.  You may also access links to all of your submissions under your USER PROFILE.  If a reader/visitor likes your writing, they may elect to view your USER PROFILE where they’ll find links to all of your submissions published on the site.  When someone clicks on your USER PROFILE your bio and linked work will become visible.

You may go back at any time and edit your submissions or delete them from the site.  If you would like to edit your submission once you have published, simply click DASHBOARD under the USER MENU, then select MY POSTS.  When you see the post you would like to edit, select EDIT or DELETE.

As always, members of Spiritual Writers Network retain full rights to their submissions.

Please sign up for our NEWSLETTER as well (link in sidebar).  NOTE: There is a separate signup form for the newsletter than the form used to register to write for the site.

Spiritual Writers Network

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DISCLAIMER:  Spiritual Writers Network is a non-profit site developed for writers to showcase their writing, poetry and short stories while retaining the rights to his or her work.  At no time will Spiritual Writers Network sell or redistribute your work without written permission from the author.  Please be advised that once your story/poetry is published on our site it is online for others to access and is not the responsibility of Spiritual Writers Network. We also reserve the right to refuse or remove stories at any time if we find them to be offensive in nature. By submitting your writing to our site, you are hereby accepting these guidelines.