What Happened To Hope In Palliative Care

I see my sister struggle with the cancer she fights to spend more time here. Working with seniors the many years I did counting the many that I was with until the end. It seems the healthcare system has failed over the years with less staff to care for patients when there end of life is near. The focus seems to be on medication and not a listening ear. Not a word of hope was my sister given when her time was spent in palliative care. It breaks my heart that hope is not given on a daily everyday. What happened to the empathy and time to hold a hand to the patient that needs the support. Palliative care should be a place of life moments of choice until the end. It saddens me when I'm told the nurses don't want to listen and they do not have the time. Hope and time should be given in palliative care as each person's life should be valued until their chosen end. I do hope in the future changes are on the way for better care for seniors and hope in palliative care. 

Debra Quigley born in Peterborough Ontario Canada Mother of two sons. Debra published Wind Whispers A Poetry Anthology a collection of poetry based on life lessons. She also contributed in Touched By an Angel, The Best of 2013 also Whispers of The Soul along with many talented writers chosen in Spiritual Writers Network contest publications. Debra currently resides in a small country hamlet she enjoys nature and gardening. Debra's poetry is simple and real she loves to touch hearts with her words. One reader One heart One word is her quote when writing poetry. If you wish to purchase Wind Whispers it is available in 3-book and print version at http://www.amazon.com/author/debbiequigley

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