A Ballad To Makeda

Protectress destroyer of the devourer
determined believer exalted
devoted attender of Jerusalem
Expensive gifts imported
Anonymous unblemished innate seducer
with charisma men ensnared
Abundant purveyor of perfume and gems
virginity exotic enthroned
Mahogany complexion young forever
Traditional bijou adorned
Intense yet smooth cacao créme 
luxurious material attired
Inquisitive affair of growth as a philosopher
Epitome of equality inspired
Remarkable corona of a humane femme
Autonomous force desired
Black mysterious enigma reciter
Divine intelligence tested
An unprecedented surprise beneath hem
The King's compassion reciprocated
Haile Selassie's progenitor's deliverer
on deceptive condition rested
Thirst increased by them
While to the King's vicinity invited
The King became a ring provider
As the sun Israel departed
The prospective device of New Jerusalem
returned and marauded
Descendant became the Ark's preserver
The alliance serenity persisted
The beginner supreme Mayna Lehkem
The Israeli house established
Axum monarchy commercial receiver
Cherubic attraction enshrined
Headstones arise as identity's emblems
Marine momentum thine
Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. BY: EyesLikeBlues
Anne Korhonen
Anne Korhonen also known as EyesLikeBlues is a Finnish poet and spoken word artist. She self-published her first international release "Poems Of Universal Love" as an e-book and a physical copy in the Amazon in the summer 2017. Her spoken word can be heard on Youtube and Soundcloud.
Anne Korhonen

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