The Essence of Being


In the midst of the chaos that surrounds us all

You are my salvation

In spite of these scars and lacerations

In you I am made whole


When you’re all alone in the blistering cold

Your strength will always find you

When all the world seems to have left you behind

This love will always hold true

Behind these eyes an anchor lies

It’s solid, pure and true

A light from within illuminates your being

And that will pull you through


Daggers in the heart may rip you apart

But even then the truth still stands   

Nothing and no one can take this away:

The soul and its worth to a man


Waste not your time spent shrouded in doubt

It’s this love that we cannot live without

Drink in the knowledge of eternity

And let that set you free

Lynn G

Lynn G

Trainee dramatherapist
Lynn G

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