What is Loneliness

Is a space not filled within your heart wanting to fill it! That feeling of sharing with another. Something that if felt for the person alone without that soul mate or partner. The days seem long when feeling lonely and the nights longer. Waiting and wanting to fill the void with that special someone! The sound of a voice fills the gap for the seconds or minutes in time. The longing for that sharing caring touch of another soul. Loneliness  is something felt by many in today's world. The coupled majority does not know that emptiness that is felt. Lonliness is something that needs to be filled with joy of the things that bring joy! Joy to the heart fills the hole bringing shared smiles, warm hands and a tight hug! The cure for lonliness open your heart let others in! Do the things that make you laugh and gives you the peaceful heart you once felt. Lonliness something we all feel in life! Reach out to all that suffer from this it does not choose and age. Effects all in society and the world! Be that kind word, phone call or knock at the door to those alone so they feel a little brighter! Cure lonliness for all you know today!



Debra Quigley born in Peterborough Ontario Canada Mother of two sons. Debra published Wind Whispers A Poetry Anthology a collection of poetry based on life lessons. She also contributed in Touched By an Angel, The Best of 2013 also Whispers of The Soul along with many talented writers chosen in Spiritual Writers Network contest publications. Debra currently resides in a small country hamlet she enjoys nature and gardening. Debra's poetry is simple and real she loves to touch hearts with her words. One reader One heart One word is her quote when writing poetry. If you wish to purchase Wind Whispers it is available in 3-book and print version at http://www.amazon.com/author/debbiequigley

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