You are the greatest of love songs.
You are the most perfect rose. 
You are the stillness of a full moon sky. 

You are the shooting star. 
You are my first broken heart. 
You are the dark moonless night. 

Alone, you are my greatest fear, 
And sorrow’s anguished cry. 
You are the last note, of life’s sweet song.
Swami Adi Narayan
Born August 4th, 1972 in Trinidad & Tobago, Swami Adi Narayan (Swami Ji) arrived in Canada as a young child just shy of his fourth birthday. He completed his education at the University of Toronto graduating with a BSc Honours in Psychology. Shortly thereafter, he enjoined the spiritual path of self-realization. The following years were filled with tremendous sufferings and awakenings, which, on October 9, 2001, brought to fruition Divine union; on this day, Swami Ji entered into a profound 6-hour union experience with God. The next day, his Beloved Master Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba personally spoke to him about his experience of being one with God as the greatest happiness there is, and foretold of its continuity in Swami Ji’s life. Since then, unique and ceaseless moments of love-union have awakened within Swami Ji, numbering in the hundreds. Born out of such authentic intimacy are Swami Ji’s collections of devotional poetry. Each poem bestows to the reader a transmission of love, and visceral moments of union and communion.
Swami Adi Narayan
Swami Adi Narayan

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