Poetry of Existence


Life is: living, breathing, pulsing poetry in motion

Inspiration, creation, expansion

Life in its highest form

Joy of discovery, joy of life

Feeling myself as part of Creation

Every intricate piece of existence in its place

Breathing together as One

One living breathing organism

God’s creation in its perfection

The miracle of Being … and I am part of it!

A peace settles in me as I realize, through the depth of my being,

That I too, am an intricate piece of creation

No more, no less important, than any other piece

I am a Miracle of Being, a miracle of Life

Unfolding, as God intended

Divine perfection in its manifestation

God through me expressing itself anew in each moment

I have a place in this Universe

Living, breathing, pulsing as One, interconnected perfectly,

Through every fibre of our Being

A peace settles, a joy in discovering

My part, as One

In the Poetry of Existence


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