I owe it to life


In the reality of the oneness of all things I realise I cannot be or feel without the vastest implication

As the idea of separation dissolves in the ocean of togetherness I know that how I am in the world brings the world into being

How can I pray for all beings to experience liberation while I am trapped in the prison as they?

Whatever wisps of habits, thoughts, emotions I experience will be experienced throughout the world.

There is no ‘my’ no ‘yours’ just THE…

THE MIND, THE CONSCIOUSNESS, THE SOUL, THE GOD grabs us all with its strong arms and pulls us in.

It shatters us into it,

And we realise we are it and always have been

There is nothing else we can be.

Blessings shine on my prayer for all beings and I see…….

If I pray for peace how can I project anger and expect it not be?

If I pray for abundance while seeing my cupped hands never full  how can the true harvest manifest?

The fruits of compassion can never hang ripe from the branches of bitterness

Whatever I feel is being felt,

Whatever I put forth will be experienced.

If it exists in my mind it exists in the mind, the simplicity of it all, the power.

Such tremendous hope springs from the earth of responsibly.

I will BE what I wish to SEE.



Jules Harrington

Jules Harrington

Jules Harrington

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