‘ NOW ‘

' NOW '




Through parted curtains,

as if by a magnet,

I am drawn to the window

by the pull of the full moon,

slowly filtering, distilling

from my brain, all sense of time;

her stark, barren presence

through aeons, endless ages

dissolving in endless space,

as the endless hours, turning

round my ticking, measured clock

chime on the midnight hour,

as it seemed to borrow tomorrow

from her light and shade, –

time as illusion, the Maya

gone forever to the drain

as yesterday's rain ;

by her lifeless, embodied dust

and hollow, hypnotic sway

the restless oceans move

and as the tide proves

when the sun sheets her most,

an apparition, like a ghost

haunting with her steady glow

echoing nothing but ' now '.

roy austin
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