Wonders of God

Sometimes I wonder,


anyone can say,

there is no God;

I wonder,

when they see the stars,

and all the wonderful plants,

that grow from the sod,

still say there is no God.

When I see,

creation so vast,

no end in sight,

I see a God in control

with love and might.

I think about,

from the smallest particle,

to the largest mountain,

how they proclaim,

with a shout,

there is a God,

there is no doubt!

winston staples
I am a 72 year old male who loves the great outdoors and the God who created it! I love to write poems about both. I love writing as a hobby on my blogs!
winston staples

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  1. Gerald Staples says:

    Thank you for the comment my friend; Something to think about. You have a wonderful day and weekend!

  2. What do you or we mean by God? That is the question surely? The word is bandied about all over the world and for the most part it means different things to different groups,does it not? How does one know what the “Ground of all being “is if one has not learned what one’s self is? The brain eg.which is body mind-ultimately an illusion, since one is not born with identity but foisted upon by the world. Is there within us mind,independent of the brain? If there is-what is it’s identity? Is it the ground of all within us as it is in all things? Are we what we seek then are we what you would call God MINUS I say again MINUS the EGO self?
    Birth seems to have with it the principle of Forgettery- in other words- is everything including us simply what God is doing.If we are what God is doing when God stops doing us we revert back to being God
    which makes sense when we say our brains body-mind identity is an illusion since it only exists for an incarnate life span?? These are not my thoughts but the thoughts of 20th century sages which is why I use the question mark.

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