The Mystery of Grace

There is a thin place between ordinary days

where miracles happen and mystery dwells.

How does my fragile heart still beat despite hurts deeper than physical wounds alone?

Someone beloved has been ripped away.

Life cannot be what it was.

I need eyes of faith to see what is unseen in this world,

to explain the deeper meaning of my life…. and of his death. 

Hope that one day I will understand the incomprehensible why.

Trust that this thin place of pain, sorrow and aching is

Essentially where the mystery of grace enters and

I will find peace. 

Desiree Woodland
Desiree is a retired teacher, a survivor of suicide loss and a grief facilitator. She and her husband of 43 years have made their home in Albuquerque, but are contemplating a move to begin a new chapter of life.
Desiree Woodland

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  1. Have no worries about mortal loss dear person.Ultimately there is only one spirit beyond time and space
    and we are all in our TRUE selves, That one spirit.We are not the identity the world has given us. Nothing is lost.your emotions are dear and born of love which holds the universe together.

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