Life Long Friend

Once in a lifetime someone comes along
From your youthful past
Loving the girl you once were
Now the woman you have become
Love is timeless and ageless
With this special person
Their smile touches your heart
As it did years back
Bringing you once again laughter
Sharing life’s lessons
This special person
From your youthful past
Loving you through the years
Love is ageless and timeless
Your heart knows
That you will be friends

On life’s path until your journey ends
God sends you a special friend once in a lifetime
This person always finds you even though miles apart
To share a smile to share a tear
A special love you have shared year after year

Debra Quigley born in Peterborough Ontario Canada Mother of two sons. Debra published Wind Whispers A Poetry Anthology a collection of poetry based on life lessons. She also contributed in Touched By an Angel, The Best of 2013 also Whispers of The Soul along with many talented writers chosen in Spiritual Writers Network contest publications. Debra currently resides in a small country hamlet she enjoys nature and gardening. Debra's poetry is simple and real she loves to touch hearts with her words. One reader One heart One word is her quote when writing poetry. If you wish to purchase Wind Whispers it is available in 3-book and print version at

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